Slicing Tools

Scomp Spiker
Model: Custom made
Type: Outlaw tech computer spiker
Cost: 20 (in spare parts)
Availability: X
Brief capsule:
Spiker is plugged first into the scomp link, and then the power jack to prevent blowout. After charging, unit sends high voltage blast into computer system, melting connections and destroying programs along its course. This device is not selective, it is designed to destroy computer components, or at least the sub-station where it is used.
Source: Adventure Journal 13 (page 158)

Computer Spikes
Model: MicroThrust Computer Spikes
Type: Computer spikes
Skill: Computer programming/repair
Availability: X
Name Power Cost
Piercer II 2D 3,000 Credits
Intruder 3D 4,500 Credits
Piercer IV 4D 6,000 Credits
Spear V 5D 7,500 Credits
Lancer 6D 9,000 Credits
Impalement Forward 7D 10,500 Credits
Riddle Eight 8D 12,000 Credits
Honey Comb IX 9D 13,500 Credits
Tunneler 10D 15,000 Credits
Game Notes:
Character must make an Easy computer programming/repair roll to prepare the spike. If roll succeeds, the program can be slotted into the computer system to be raided. If the roll fails, the spike is ruined. The player then rolls the spike’s die code against the difficulty number of the information. Use the computer programming/ repair guidelines on page 63 of the Rulebook to determine the difficulty. A spike can only be used once.
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 8)

Unitech “Patch”
Model: UniTech Diagnostic Systems Diverter
Type: Interfacing system bridge
Skill: Computer programming/repair
Cost: 5,200
Availability: 2, R (restricted to governments)
Game Notes:
The patch requires a Moderate computer programming/repair roll to apply, and adds 1D+2 to the character’s security or relevant skill.
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 94)

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