Slide In From The Side

Astrogation Mishap.
Apparently having the SLAM drive employed probably caused some mishap.

I thought I was dead honestly. My whole life. The worst part that hit me was the pain of the people might feel,Vandin, the family might feel at having to hear I was dead. I wonder if that is how my mother felt the moment before her ship blew up. But somehow I am still here.

Dying. I have done it before, but this time it felt worse. I don't want to die, I want to live. I want to have that life we dream of. Chances are high that one of us isn't going to make it, and with my track record - likely I wont.

I am not sure what the new recruit pilot did, but some how we ended up not having any idea which way, or course we were headed on. My ship is a mess and the crew is the worst problem.

They seem to delight in annoying me. First off, I woke up in med bay bleeding, Qualan over me. Then Choth hit me and I went out. That repeated a few times I would wake up and Choth would hit me and I would go out. I am not sure why they all find this game amusing.

Choth spent time taking apart my ship and bringing random parts to me to see me freak out. I was just wanted to fix my ship, but everyone seemed to find it amusing to prevent me from dealing with it. The more problems they could find to land in my lap the more they loved it. When did rebels start hitting each other?

We almost died, don't they get it? Now they are smacking me around and I am the tech…. why am I putting up with it. Why I am the only one here fighting to save our lives? The engines are overheating, the slam has got massive damage….. and they keep knocking me out. I have hull breahces, electrical is getting weak……. are they brain damaged? What is this game? Choth knows I can't stand against him, why is he doing this, I can't defend myself unless I pull my saber on him - then of course I am the monster. Maybe if I just keep my head down it will stop.


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