Small Game Hunter

After hearing of the position for Jawa Control, and figuring that this would be the perfect job (come on who doesn't want to get paid for shooting jawas?) Chichi ran back to his quarters. After changing he then low-tailed it to Taylor's office.

Opening the door ChiChi enthusiastically (perhaps a little too much so) stated his interest in the job of Jawa Control. However, after Taylor was able to contain her laughter at the sight of ChiChi's "big game" hunter outfit complete with khaki shorts, pith helmet, monocle, stun grenades, decksweeper, and blaster pistols politely turned him down. Scratching his ears in appreciation for the chuckle considering her recent moods and thoughts, she explained that with his prowess the little jawa wouldn't have a chance and that the jawa wouldn't have an opportunity to learn as she would always be unconsious. Nodding understanding ChiChi then left the General's office head held high.

Looking after the little furrball Taylor couldn't help but smile and wonder how ChiChi got his ego through the door…

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