Smuggler's Code

A Good Smuggler has a set of rules they abide by, not some stupid mantra based on saber-monkey philosophy. That's what a Smuggler's code is: a set of rules of conduct.

That in mind, here's D'Abu'Da's Rules:

  • Never ignore a call for help.
  • Never take from those who are poorer than yourself.
  • Never play sabacc unless you're prepared to lose.
  • Always be prepared to make a quick getaway.
  • Never pilot a ship under the influence.
  • It is not illegal unless you get caught.

D'Abu'Da's Mantra:

The Force is a lie, There is only luck
With Luck, I get experience
With Experience, I get jobs
With Jobs, I gain credits
My ship is all I need

The best 'codes':

The ones that get you past port security
The ones that get you access to military-restricted hyperspace lanes
The ones that get you connected to that SA-MOKIN hot female you met last night

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