Soaking Damage

Soaking Damage is a very important part of Combat as its just a matter of time before you do get hit in combat.

Soak can be summarized as your ability to shrug off damage. Its an opposed roll which can explode on the wild die and begins with the primary Physical Stat (Generally Strength). This Stat stacks with other forms of protection such as Armor or some force powers.

Cheez E. Rebel has a strength score of 3D. If he's caught in street clothes (with no other protection on) his defending soak roll is his strength score of 3d.. Not very good as most common weapons that you will be shot with have 4D or 5D in damage. (Imperial Stormtrooper weapons come to mind)

Its important to note that Armor generally comes with two different ratings. Physical and Energy which are more often than not represented by a XD / XD in the armor listing. If armor doesn't have a specific rating then it offers NO protection vs that type of damage.

Stormtrooper Armor (+2D physical, +1D energy, -1D to Dexterity and related skills)

If Cheez E. Rebel is wearing a suit of stormtrooper armor when he is shot with a blaster he would add the armors dice code to his strength dice for the purpose of soaking the damage. This would give him a total of 4D soak. (3D strength + 1D Energy from the armor)

On the opposite side if he is hit with a Fragmentation Grenade and is still wearing the stormtrooper armor he would have 5D in soak. (3D Strength + 2D Physical from the armor)

Its important to note that there is no where that specifically states weather a weapon does physical or energy damage. This is just an assume and glossed over part of the mechanics. When in unsure ask the Judge (Game master) at the table.

Once the Soak roll is compared to the Attackers Damage you look the Difference up on the Taking Damage Chart.

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