Some Disturbing Things

Dear Diary,

I was finally able to spend a little more time with Squibbie, so I took advantage of it.

I was a little shocked and disappointed to discover he had fallen into what I assumed must be a similar path to Stinky, and I admitted it to him. Of course he wasn't happy at all with that and promised to talk about it later.

I had to admitt that I was feeling lonesome and a bit worried lately. I mean a lot of people I was close to have died. T'Thock and Talon, and now I am begining to wonder what would happen if something bad were to happen to me. I asked Darik too but he never really answered my question, and I understand it's a wierd and uncomfy one there.

Squibbie was horrified and very worried when I mentioned it to him, and I told him I was worried I was becoming a little too good at what I do sometimes. When we finally had some private R&R to ourselves he took my to Barab, which I thought was a little wierd but eh.

We had a talk about some things, I guess it was only a matter of time before he found out about the Bespin Inccident where a bunch of team mates almost let me blow up a little kid and how I have a bounty on my head there. Yeah, I don't know how I could have forgotten, good thing I haven't told him I went back there on a mission.
Anyways…I found out some pretty disturbing things about my love, things I can't and won't ever mention here. We both agreed we'd always be there for one another when we needed it, though I always have him in my heart, and that we'd try to be on our best behavior for a while.

We have our own sanctuary now, one where no one will bother us if needs be. After our heart to heart we made as much of our time together as we could into a kind of honeymoon. I was very surprised to wake up the next morning to a feast of fine Squibbian delicacies as well as some things from back home on Kalandis IV. So much so that I couldn't help but cry. I miss home sometimes, not so much that I would go back, but how do you truely forget your past?

And anyways, Squibbie and me are all the family we really have at the momment. There are a few others out there, and home is where ever they are lately.

We also got an unexpected surprise from a previous 'employer' who had come to congragulate us on our happiness. He also voiced a few concerns he had for some things I have done, and truthfully I am not sure I feel comfy knowing that, but as long as Squibbie says he's a good guy I'll leave it at that. Anyways, anyone so kind as to gift me with an AT-AT head for a wedding gift can't be that bad. He also gave me a special way to contact Squibbie if I need to.

Funny how much things have changed. I wanted excitement in my life and I am glad of the changes even if I have to accept some of the bad accessories that come with it. I wonder now if mom and dad really wanted the best for me in life despite how they showed that. I wouldn't change things if I could. Not only am I finally feeling anchored to 'familly' but I have someone who truely loves me for who I am and not what I can do for them. Squibbie and I both have a lot of flaws, and I never fathomed I could ever truly love someone or something, especially not of my own species, so much. I hope if Squibbie and the rest of them out there don't know that yet that some day they will know it for sure.


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