Model: Roche Siak-series Protocol Droid
Description: Standard Siak series droid with green finish.
Skills of Note: Dodge, Cultures, Languages, and Persuasion
Equipment: Translang IV Communications Module, Two photoreceptors and two auditory receptors (human range), Languages database, Verpinoid body (2 arms/legs), Vocabulator, and Holo-Recorder/Transmitter
Personality: SP-69 has the typical base protocol droid emotional type personality. However, he seems to be a bit more free-thinking than most. Often he has conversations unrelated to anything going on with Sara or R2-B0B or anyone else who may be around.
Background: Sara picked up SP-69 at a research station that was monitoring a nebula. Needless to say there were some problems on the station, and Sara ended up aquiring SP-69. 69's memory was wiped, but there still seems to be more independance in him than a normal SP unit. Since then 69 has been either with Sara or in her room or ship. She treats him fairly well, not treating him any different than she does most people.

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