The Spaceport

Most planets in the Empire have at least one spaceport. Spaceports vary considerably in equipment and capabilites, as well as the price level of the goods and services available.

  • Landing FIeld

A landing field is basically a flat, level area cleared on the ground. Generally, these fields are little more than cheap pavement or tightly packed dirt. There is no flight control tower, so ships landing and taking off must do so at their own risk as colliding with other vessels is a real possability. The port may or may not have a refueling or repair service and these depend heavily on local mechanics. The few services that do exist will be low of quality (though they will probably also be cheap).

  • Limited Services

Limited service starports usually have a small control tower with a homing beacon that helps guide incoming ships to the proper landing area. More often than not there are maintenance sheds for rent where basic repairs can be completed by the ships crew. This type of port generally has a limited parking capacity, and in many cases, ships must land in near by landing fields and walk into the port if all the parking spots are occupied. This type of port is still small and generally all other major supplies must be purchased elsewhere.

  • Standard Class

The standard class spaceport has a fully staffed and equipped flight control tower, and offers restocking services and a small shipyard capable of minor repairs and modifications. Modification and repairs can cost up to double normal price and take more than twice as long as normal to accomplish, but the services are at least offered and the quality of work is fairly good.

  • Stellar Class

The stellar class spaceport has facilities for landing and docking nearly any type and class of vessel. There are usually a number of different shipyards surrounding hte port, which are capable of preforming nearly any sort of ship repair and customizing that the owner wishes (and can afford). There is almost always an imperial customs office on site to check in and register trade goods and commodities with. The Quality of repairs and modifications are often of advanced quality and are generally over average price and are completed in a timely manner.

  • Imperial Class

The Imperial class port is quite luxurious and modern. It has an impressive array of landing fields and ship storage and maintenance facilities. All the most lavish amenities are available for ships' crew and passengers. Many of the planet's merchants may maintain offices at the port, and it may not be necessary for the the starship captains to even leave the port to conduct their business. The shipyards are capable of rapid and high-quality repairs and modifications, though the services may not come cheap. The Customs office for this quality of port is probably staffed by highly competent officers and equipped with portable scanners. The empire usually maintains a formidable military presence in Imperial class starports, and minor infractions are dealt with to the full extent of the law; troublemakers are unwelcome at Imperial class ports.

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