Spark S Judge S Handbook



Rules supplement for use with the Game Base 7 sponsored ongoing Star Wars Campaign in accordance with Spark Force 7 guidelines.
*The Information here is as it is in the Handbook, this information can be found through out the wiki, but is shown here for completeness*
I. Character Creation
II. Skill Checks
III. Character Advancement
IV. The Force in Sparks
V. Military Rank System
VI. Special Force Encounters
VII. Guidelines for Writing in Sparks
VIII. Crucible Sector Rebel Fleet
IX. Character Loaned Ships
X. Force Power Listing
XI. Sparks Module Listing
XII. Character Pack Templates
XIII. Special Bounty Encounters
XIV. Droid Building and Modifying
XV. Sparks FAQ

Handbook Last Updated: 7/16/16

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