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Time Taken: Stamina checks are made when characters exert themselves over long periods of time.

Stamina checks reflect that a character is being pushed to his or her physical limits. They should be called for once in a while to show the strain on a character; only require them when a character does something out of the ordinary.
Whenever a character fails a stamina roll, he is fatigued; all actions are at -1D for every stamina check failed until the character rests for as long as he exerted himself.
Characters can still continue if they are fatigued, until they fail a third stamina check. At this point, the character is completely exhausted and must rest for twice the amount of time that he exerted himself to remove the penalty.

Example: Platt Okeefe has crash-landed on a planet and must march over scorching badlands to reach the nearest village. The gamemaster decides to ask Plait's player to roll her stamina once each hour of game time (between various encounters with badland raiders, hungry sand lizards and a nasty swoop gang). Platt's stamina is 4D — the gamemaster determines that marching under the harsh wasteland sun is Difficult (with a difficulty number of 17). Platt fails her first stamina check by rolling only 14. She continues with a -1D penalty to all actions.
She fails her next roll (getting only a 9) and takes a -2D penalty to all rolls. Still she goes on. When she fails her third stamina roll, Platt drags herself to a shady rock outcropping and collapses in exhaustion.

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