Starship Repair & Modification

Using Repair Skills

Its important to note weapons on starships are repaired and modified separate from the starship its self using the Weapon Repair Rules. This section does cover installing new weapons onto ships.

Installation / Modification Time and Repair.

The exact time a modification requires is ntirely up to the judge at the table, but it is generally suggested that the time be related to the sophistication of the work being completed.

Repair and modification times completed by npc's could be cut in half if the player pays for overtime and/or substantial bribes (which is normally about double the normal cost for the work). Work being completed by PC's could be rushed if the PC has help. The amount of time reduced is again completely up to the judge at the table.

Dificulty of Modification Suggested "Time Taken"
Very Easy 1 Hour
Easy 6 Hours
Moderate 1 Day
Difficult 2 Days
Very Difficult 1 Week
Heroic 1 Month

Weight and Cargo Space Taken up

Modified systems have one tremendous advantage over replaced systems: They do not take up extra space. In game terms, as long as the character is modifying an existing system no additional cargo space is removed.

However, if a system is replaced you must refund the cargo space from removing the old system then subtract the new cargo space modifier from the total cargo space available on the ship to install the new system.

All the replacement systems weight something, and all the systems being removed weight something this is represented by cargo space additions and subtractions on the ship.


Should a mishap occur while a ship is being modified the Judge at the table should consult the following Starship Mishaps and select the appropriate mishap for the system being worked. The player will then be be made aware of the mishap so he or she may take this into account for future game play. Its important to note that the PLAYER knows of the mishap NOT the CHARACTER.


Replacement Drives Cost Availability Weight in Metric Tons
Starscream-9 Ion Drive 500,000 X 24
Boshaa-C'hi Ion Drive 100,000 X 18
Corellian Evader-GT Ion Drive 50,000 F 16
Incom Starslinger Ion Drive 20,000 F 12
Sorosuub Boav Ion Drive 10,000 2 10

Replacement Hyperdrives Cost Availability Weight in Metric Tons
x 1/2 Hyperdrives Expensive X 20
x1 Hyperdrives 15000 F (5,000 Permits) 18
x2 Hyperdrives 10000 2 15
x3 Hyperdrives 7000 2 12
x4 Hyperdrives 4000 1 10
x5 Hyperdrives 2500 1 8

Sheidls Cost Weight in Metric Tons
1D 4,000 6 MT
2D 10,000 8 MT
3D 20,000 10 MT

Weaponry Fire Control Damage Cost Weight in Metric Tons
Kd-3 Light Blaster Cannon 1D 1D 1,000 1
Light Laser Cannon 2D 2D 1,500 2
Heavy Laser Cannon 2D 5D 3,000 4
W-34t Turbolaser 3D 7D 9,000 5
F-2 Light Ion Cannon 1D 2D 1,000 .5
F-4 Medium Ion Cannon 2D 3D 1,500 1
F-9 Heavy Ion Cannon 4D 4D 3,000 2
Proton Torpedo Launcher 2D 9D 2500 2
Replacement Torpedoes - - 800 -
Concussion Missile Launcher 1D 8D 3,500 3
Replacement Missiles - - 500 -

Its important to note all weapons except for the Turbolaser are F status.. The fee is 30% of the purchase price and there is an Imperial permit to operate the weapon legally. Turbolasers are Illegal on private crafts..

  • Computers and Sensors
    • Electro-Photo Receptors (EPR's): 300 credits
    • Full Spectrum Transceivers (FST's): 500 credits
    • Dedicated Energy Receptors (DER's) 600 credits
    • Life-Form Indicators (LFI's): 800 credits

Note these sensors have no appreciable weight.

  • Cloaking Devices

Cloaking Devices do NOT currently exist in the Sparks Campaign don't even ask.. The answer is no..

Mis Cost Weight in Tons
Passenger Conversion 400 10
Refrigeration Equipment 100 per Ton 1 per 20 tons converted
Replacement Navigation Computer 2000 -
Escape Pod 1,200 5
Environmental Converters 4,000 4
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