Strengthen Object

Strengthen Object
Alter Difficulty
spaceM (15) – +1D
spaceD (20) – +2D
spaceVD (25) – +3D
spaceH (30) – +4D
spaceEvery additional +10 – additional +1D

Required PowersTelekinesis
Power may be kept ‘up’
Time to use – 1 round
Effect – This power strengthens and reinforces the atomic structure of an object. Some Force-Users have discovered that it can also be used to weaken objects as well. The object retains the same density, volume and mass, but it takes more energy to break the bonds that hold the object together. Note that this does not affect the object’s ability to do damage; it just increases its ability to resist destruction and severely limits chemical reactions (such as oxidation). To utilize this power on an object one scale bigger than the Force-User requires a Moderate (15) Willpower roll to overcome the mental block, which says that it would be impossible to accomplish. Also add one level of difficulty to the Willpower roll for each additional scale level difference. If this Willpower roll succeeds, the above difficulties are not modified. But if the Willpower roll fails, then the base difficulty is raised one level for each scale difference.

For example, the Force-User wants to use Strengthen Object on a starfighter hull. This comes out to three scale levels above character. So the Force-User needs to make a Very Difficult Willpower check or the base difficulties are bumped up three levels. Then a Heroic roll would only add +1D to the starship.

When this power is kept up it causes stress on the Force-User. The Force-User can maintain the power for a number of rounds equal to their Alter die code (i.e. 6D to 6D+2 = 6 rounds) without any stress. After that the Force-User must make a Very Easy Stamina roll on the following round. Each subsequent round the power is kept up the Force-User must make another Stamina roll with a +5 difficulty added cumulatively.
Once the power is dropped or let go, the Force-User must wait a number of rounds equal to double the number of rounds the power was maintained before attempting to reactivate it.

Anytime the Strengthened Object is dealt damage, the Force-User must make a Stamina or Willpower roll with the difficulty equal to the damage taken (on the scale of the resisting object) above the base objects resistance (i.e. base object has 2D resistance, strengthened at +3D and hit by 8D; the player must resist the 6D {8D – 2D}. If this roll is made, the power can be maintained. If this roll is failed, it blocks that attack and then immediately drops.

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