Stuck Between Hutts And A Hard Place

So there I was, sitting in the medbay of the ship, recovering from my recent incarceration, when I noticed a sizeable group of gentlebeings and a few humans gathering in the breifing room. I decided to wander over that way as I had seen a Barabel that sounded somewhat familiar to me. Alass, it was not him, although he did sound quite a bit like him. Looking around I spotted several faces I remembered from past service in the rebellion as well as several new faces, and some humans.

At last the show was beginning, a stir ran through the crowd, although I had no idea what was going on. Finding an unoccuppied chair, I stood up to see over the crowd, but what with several Barabels and a Wookiee, even that was not enough. Curse fate for making me so short!

Not really knowing what was going on, something about a rescue mission, and with that thought running through my mind I wonder what ever happened to Flash Meltdown. Feeling a little guilty, I look around, and sure enough, there he is, staring up at me, polishing his gun. "You going on this mission?" I ask him to distract him from trying to gun me down. "Sounds like a trip to Nar Shadda" I tell him, in the hopes of trying to distract him even more with the possibility of a trip to the 'smuggler's moon'.

"Yep" he replies, "I got business with a certain Hutt that we happen to be visiting anyway".

I have found in my brief tenure as a member of Flash Meltdown's crew, that whenever he says he has business with a Hutt, I get very scared. With that thought gnawing at me I noticed the meeting was breaking up and several different people were all looking at me standing on my chair.

"Team Gentlebeing over here!" I yelled, smiling at the Lady General, who I had just been informed was the ranking officer present. It seemed we need to take two ships on this mission, seeing as quite a few people stepped up on this one. To the Dag Da'Mor we headed, final destination, Nar Shadda, and a meeting with a Hutt I had never heard of before; what could possibly go wrong?

Durring the trip we had to make several stops along the way, for reasons I was not fully following, but when the Lady General says to do something, I do it! Besides, with so many gentlebeings on the ship we had to set up a temporary Shockboxing ring in the port cargo hold. My new friends Maxx (the barabel) and Rotha (the wookiee) had a grand time beating each other senseless. With that, and the occassional target-lock fun with the lead ship, we passed the journey to Nar Shadda.

While on Nar Shadda I did not get the chance to explore much, the Lady General hustled us off to her meeting, and with a shiver I noticed Flash Meltdown was just as eager to see this Orgus the Hutt. I promised myself I would never say this, and if my cousins heard me now they would smack me senseless, but I have a bad feeling about this.

There we all are , standing in the throne room of Orgus the Hutt, and I must say, not impressed! Where are the dancing girls? Where is the Hidden monster that they all seem to keep as pets? All in all, just not that impressed with this Hutt, maybe it won’t be all that bad.

I am relaxing with my two new friends, Maxx and Rotha, trying not to draw attention to ourselves, when I notice Flash Meltdown striding up to Orgus with a swagger. I tried to follow the toadying that Flash was doing to Orgus, but if there is one thing Flash Meltdown is, it is a fast talker, sometimes too fast. Still chatting with my friends, but keeping an eye on Flash, I notice things begin to go ‘pear-shaped’, as we say on Sullust, for Flash.

I look over to Maxx and Rotha, “Time to take our leave my friends” I mutter, hoping neither of the now two Hutts heard me. With the sounds of Flash Meltdown digging himself in a deeper hole with each word, Maxx, Rotha, and I back our way towards the massive doors. Slowly, meter by meter, we make our way towards the massive doors all the while hoping I do not get dragged into this any further.

Through a clearing in the crowd, I notice that there are now three Hutts in attendance. I recognize two of the Hutts, Jabba and Cormba, and with a shudder, I know this cannot end well. Maxx leans down to let me know we are almost to the doors. I look up at the two new giant friends I made these past few months, few would have stood with me, especially after so short a time. Maybe there is something to this Rebellion and its people after all?

The cool metal of the door against my back! We made it! Now to find the handle.

Just at that moment, with a booming voice only a Hutt can generate, I hear my name being called forth to stand before the trio of Hutts. Frantically I look around, hoping they have not seen me! The door! My only hope! What do you mean it is LOCKED!!!

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