Stun Results

The Word "STUNED" in sparks has a little bit of confusion associated with it. As there are actually two parts to being stunned.

The first is simple.. If the result of comparing the Damage roll vs your Soak roll ends up in the 0 - 3 range you are considered stunned for the round.

You lose a -1D (cumulative with all other penalties) from your dice pool which is applied the same as the standard multiple action penalty.

The second part of being stunned is a little more complex. You receive a stun result tick. These are tracked separately on your character sheet and once you have as many stun ticks as you have Strength dice code you are considered Incapacitated (Your out cold).


Cheez E. Rebel has a Strength score of 3D.. He has rolled in the "stunned" result twice during this combat.. If he receives one more "stunned" result from damage he is moved to incapacitated directly and is out until either an appropriate amount of time passes or someone revives him.

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