Sunder 9

Equipment / Protective Gear / Powersuits

Model: Llalik Designs Sunder 9 Armor Prototype (Incomplete)
Type: Multi-environmental personal battlesuit
Skill: Powersuit operation: Sunder 9
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 4, X
Game Effects:

  • Armor: Provides +3D to Strength for physical attacks, +2D for energy attacks, -1D+2 to Dexterity and related skills. Full cover.
  • Strength: Servos in the upper portion of the armor add +1D+2 to Strength for lifting, brawling and melee damage.
  • Blaster Cannon: Cannon on left arm (usually right, but Dr. Llalik is left-handed). 6D damage, uses blaster skill, ranges 10-50/100/500
  • Flame Projector: 5D damage, uses armor weapons skill, projects up to three meters. Right arm.
  • Rocket Pack: Has Move of 90 meters horizontally, 50 meters vertically. Uses rocket pack operation skill, base difficulty is Easy, modified by terrain conditions. Has 12 charges, can expend up to three per round.
  • Sensors: Provides 270 degree vision and macrobinocular vision. Gives wearer +1D to Perception rolls, +2D to search. Includes specialized sonar and infrared sensor packages for dark environment or aquatic depths where light is not available.
  • Aquatic Propulsion System: Increases swimming skill by +2D; gives wearer and underwater Move of 14.
  • Body Glove: A climate-controlled body glove provides heating and cooling systems to allow operation in extreme environments.
  • Sealed Enviro-Filters: System prevents entry of foreign Substances, can also be sealed completely when in hostile environments or during submersion. Has four hours of power and 6 hours of oxygen.

Source: Alliance Intelligence Reports (page 88), Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 61)

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