Skills / Knowledge Skills

Time Taken: One round when used for knowledge or reacting to danger; one hour or more when looking for necessities.
Specializations: Type of environment — volcano, jungle, desert, poisonous atmosphere.

This skill represents how much a character knows about surviving in hostile environments, including deserts, jungles, ocean, forests, asteroid belts, volcanoes, poisonous atmosphere worlds, mountains and other dangerous terrain.
Survival can be rolled to gain general information— revealing what the character knows about this environment — and it can give clues as to how best to deal with native dangers.
If the character is in a dangerous situation, the player may roll the survival skill to see if the character knows how to handle the situation.
When a character is in a hostile environment, he may roll survival to find the necessities of life: shelter, food, water, herbs and roots that can be made into medicines, and so forth.

When the character makes a survival roll, use these difficulty guidelines:

  • Very Easy: Character is intimately familiar with terrain type. Luke on Tatooine.
  • Easy: Character is familiar with terrain type. Leia on Endor.
  • Moderate: Character is somewhat familiar with terrain. May have briefly visited area before. Han on Hoth.
  • Difficult: Character is unfamiliar with terrain; first time in a particular environment. Admiral Ackbar on Tatooine.
  • Very Difficult: Character is completely unfamiliar with situation. Leia inside a space slug.
  • Heroic: Character is completely unfamiliar with situation and has no idea how to proceed. Any character who doesn't know where they are.
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