T Thokk Memorial

There is a holo-collage of pictures of T'Thock and ChiChi in candid moments together aboard their shared ship, and one of T'Thock asleep with Jynx drawing on the back of his head.

In addition there are a pair of well worn shock boxing gloves, and scrawled in a feminine hand "Always in our thoughts"

"Booted off the boxing circuit for cybernetic modifications. Cheaters never prosper." Pola Panallal (This comment has been scrubbed off the wall)

"I didn't know him deeply, but we made a lot of money together.'' Bruce

To: T'Thokk
From: D'Abu'Da
"He was a good and solid lizard, a true gentlebeing. I miss the missions we went on, especially our mission to Oomze's Incredible Traveling Starport. Rest in peace, dear Friend.
*Note: on Barab 1 there is a small gravesite marked by a large glowing gem that reacts to the various radiation levels with varying degrees of brightness.

Set near the memorial wall is a bouquet of Barab flowers and a note in feminine hand writing /"Always remembered, never forgotten"/

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