Table 3 Planetside

WolfCon Seminar Table Write-up

Participants: Uneeq (Julie Capell), Darius ?Slik? Wade (Stephen Tucker), Fertix Banok (Zach Wilson), and Rak Dartuthe (Mike Vandebunt).

Gamemaster: Jim Page


Our mission came through two separate sets of channels this time. The Rebellion received a cryptic message requesting assistance from what appeared to be a small organization on Lain. Darius ?Slik? Wade also received a similar cryptic message through the donation system setup for L.I.F.E. (Lorrdians Interested in Freedom for Everyone; formerly Lorrdian Insurgents For Everyone). Both messages appeared to be asking for aid in the form of electronic surveillance equipment and personnel. Since one of the requests came through the L.I.F.E. network, it was suspected that the organization we were to contact is having problems associated with slavery. As such the Rebellion assembled an all Human, or near-Human passable for Human, team. I was asked to bring the team up to speed on some background information about our dealings with the Lain System and L.I.F.E.


In our previous dealings with the Lain System we saw that the Imperial Governor, Chasey Lain, was trying to purchase a lot of military hardware through non-Imperial channels. We captured one of the Governor?s aides during a meet with an ISB agent. We also captured an Ubiqtorate agent that was keeping tabs on this situation.

The history of L.I.F.E. is a little more complex. Originally this was a fictitious organization made up while on a mission to draw suspicion away from the Rebel team?s actions. We ended up shutting down and vandalizing a clinic that was using slaves to harvest their organs. Due to the tense situation we did not want the Rebellion to get blamed for any of collateral damage, so we invented an anti-slavery terrorist group to blame for the destruction of the clinic and rescue/theft of the slaves. This is why the acronym originally was Lorrdian Insurgents For Everyone. The organization, I and a few other staunch anti-slavery proponents, also was credited with capturing and shutting down several slaver bases. The majority of the captured equipment was sold and deposited in a Muunilinst bank account for L.I.F.E. These funds helped families of slavery victims in several tragic instances. It also funded the creation of a commercial with a prominent Lorrdian, Garik Loran. He was a famous child actor. The commercial was to elicit additional donations and increase awareness to tragic consequences and side effects of a society that legalizes slavery. This commercial worked well to get a lot of additional donations. Many of the donators were Rebel operatives. With the change in context from a terrorist organization to more of a devoted anti-slavery lobbyist organization, the acronym was changed to Lorrdians Interested in Freedom for Everyone.


The Rebellion gave us 5 metric Tons of electronic surveillance gear along with 15 metric Tons of cover electronic cargo. We took The Winning Hand, my yacht for the trip just in case a fast exit was warranted. For all we knew this could be some form of elaborate trap. It never hurts to think every situation is an elaborate trap.

Everything seemed normal up until we asked for permission to land. The spaceport asked several questions to ascertain if we had any aliens onboard. The list of aliens they inquired about had every known alien that I have heard of and a lot that I hadn?t. This was no standard inquiry. With all of being Human or near-Human we did not have any problems.

Once we were down we still had to find our contact. The plan was to go about our business of selling our cargo, shopping, etc., but to continually drop the word LIFE and look for responses or leads. Uneeq went shopping for some local attire, and made a huge discovery. All of the purchased clothing was designed to be tracked with trace elements in them. To misdirect anyone that may be trying to tail us with this trackable clothing we loaded into my covered speeder and after a while we stopped and slipped out into the streets leaving the purchased jacket in the speeder. I sent the speeder to continue driving around with the droid autopilot. We also found that every hotel room had surveillance to keep tabs on outsiders. This planet definitely had a lot of secrets. We would have to watch our step very carefully. Even with all of the ?Big Brother? effects keeping tabs on us everything seemed fine on the surface, but we saw no aliens around anywhere.

After quite a while we ended up in a local cantina, Seedy Dive, trying to make contact with the cell that brought us here. There were a few people that could fit the bill, but one appeared to be a Lorrdian. After a few minutes of kinetic communication (Lorrdian hidden body language communication), he told us to meet him out back. His demeanor still seemed a little tense and suspicious as if he was expecting something else to happen. I chalked it up to good old healthy paranoia, but was wrong. His first words to the group were asking if we brought the cargo with us. We assured him that we had 5 metric Tons of electronic surveillance equipment on our ship that we would bring to him. This seemed to surprise and alarm him somewhat. He showed us 5 large explosive devices and asked again if we brought the detonators. This definitely surprised and alarmed us.

After a few minutes of back and forth ?what are you talking about? questions, we learned that there was a problem with the messages they sent. We showed them the messages we received, and they said that the message was altered. They asked for detonators for a direct offensive. It soon became clear that the planetary communications system was altered to disrupt any interplanetary communications traffic. We did several test transmissions and it seemed that prior to any message being sent it was rerouted into a program subroutine that randomly altered the message replacing nouns with plausible substitutes. We were able to find some details on the program, but not enough to eliminate it completely. This is one big communication trap. With the prevention of detailed interplanetary communications this group was all on their own.

The group still wanted our help to complete the explosives and use them to stage a huge rescue of the slaves. They explained that any alien that came here was arrested. They had a law making it illegal to be an alien. They didn?t call it slavery, but the penalties and fines forced aliens into a life of indentured servitude. They were kept below ground as a work force for the rest of the population. While we all wanted to strike back and rescue as many of the slaves as we could we knew that we would not be able to rescue them all. Then there was the problem of transporting them off the planet.

We convinced them to call off their direct assault until we could send in some more Rebellion support. The first step would be to get some techs in here to be able to encrypt messages that would bypass the altering subroutine. Then we could plan and mount one massive offensive strike to rescue all of the slaves and cripple their slavery industry for good. It looks like we will be heading back to Lain soon.

Darius ?Slik? Wade

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