Tales Of A Barabel's Passing

Coruscant – The Emperor’s Throne Room
The Emperor sitting on his throne surveys a small kneeling form, chuckling evilly. “You have done well; I expect great things from you.”

Aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Indomitable Will, somewhere in the Crucible Sector
A large number of troops and ship crew have gathered in the docking bay where a large number of body bags lay. Captain Lazfernes approaches a podium, and starts to speak, “My fellow crew, yesterday an Imperial Agent managed to bring onboard a Rebel Conspirator. Unfortunately the Barabel was in a complete state of rage and was very difficult to subdue. But thanks to the many brave men onboard we did manage to bring him down. In memory of the 84 crew members that have died (so far) due to that combat, I am placing a small memorial to honor them.” The captain turns and motions to his aid, who unveils a large suit of Smasher armor, bloody and dented now in a case with a small holoprojector that starts to cycle through names and faces of the fallen. “This memorial will be kept onboard this ship until we finish our tour of duty. Once back on Coruscant, we will transfer this memorial to our fleets HQ in continued memory of the fallen.”

Elsewhere aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Indomitable Will…
A large Barabel is strapped in (very securely) to a torture device, as his screams die down to a low groan, a Imperial Officer steps up. “I grow weary of this T’Thokk…” Breathing heavily the Barabel cuts in “I’th not having a very good time either thir, perhapth for a change of peth you would untie me and give me a thporting chanth to theal a thip and ARRGGGHHH!!” The Imperial Officer nods, and the Stormtrooper removes his booted foot from T’Thokk’s groin. “T’Thokk, you have already supplied us with plenty of information, including names of fellow conspirators, but I don’t think I can trust that information yet. But believe me, by the time I’m done with you I will be able to trust it.”
The camera pans to T’Thokk’s face and in his eyes is something that has been absent for a long time glitters there and begins to glow….. fear.

Later that month…
Onboard a prisoner ship bound for the Spice Mines of Kessel, a Barabel sits. His battered and beaten body is nothing compared to the damge to his psyche that in the end he was not strong enough to avoid betraying his friends to the Empire. Will they thurvive thith betrayal? Will they know it wath him that revealed all? Will they ever forgive him? As T’Thok’s thoughts continued to spiral towards the abyss of hopelessness, the ship lurched portside (or was it straboard? He could never get those directions straight), as what seemed explosions rocked the tiny ship, his hopes started to soar. Had his friends come to rescue him at last? Had they found him? He let out a mighty Barabel roar which put the guards near him on edge. The ship was rocked one more time, the rebels must have found him! It had to be them, who else would dare to attack an armed Imperial Penal Convoy?!? Straining against his restraints, he started to feel them give as an Imperial guard started to walk up to him his baton in his hand as the ship was rocked again, this time a breach in the hull had developed… he watched with a satisfied grin as the guard was sucked out to space as everything faded….

Several Weeks Later…
Briefing Room aboard the Rebel Flagship Discovery, somewhere in the Crucible Sector
“Gentlebeings, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the loss of one of your fellow operatives. T’Thokk, the Barabel who has served the rebellion faithfully and has become close friends to many of you has died. It appears he was captured during a high risk mission and interrogated. We do not yet know how much information was leaked to the Empire, but at this time we need to assume that all of you may be compromised. After his interrogation, he was being transferred to the Spice Mines of Kessel when the small convoy he was in was attacked. At this time, our intelligence is a little spotty as we do not know if the attackers were slavers or pirates, but it was not a rebel attack. The attack on the convoy resulted in several ships being destroyed and some of the supply ships stolen. There were no survivors from the prisoner ship.

Uneeq’s Bar aboard the Rebel Flagship Discovery, somewhere in the Crucible Sector
A small Squib, whose black dyed fur is beginning to grow back to its normal colors, climbs on top of the counter. Shouting for attention, he removes a cigar from his mouth. “My friends, compatriots, business traders, and anyone else within the sound of my voice… we are here to mourn the passing of T’Thokk a Barabel whose many good achievements you know. He was a fine shockboxer, bodyguard, rebel, and a very good friend. His generosity was great, and would at the risk of his own life attempt to save those around him. *sniff* (in a subdued tone more to himself) I’m sure this is what got the big dumb nerfherder killed. *sniff* So I’d like to raise a glass in remembrance of not only T’Thokk but all of those that have fallen before. While I can’t compose a song or sonnet in his honor, perhaps Uneeq will, I know he would like to have everyone remember him fondly and not mourn his passing. Therefore the bar is open for the next two hours and the drinks are on him.
With this said, the Squib climbs off of the bar and dejectedly sits in the corner nursing a drink and cigar, remembering fondly the big scheming lizard who besides his new wife Jinxie was probably his best friend in the Rebel Alliance.

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