Talon Longsong

Name: Talon Longsong
AKA: Nelian Longrunner, Loucian Brightsong, Thorian (Xis Corp), Captian Telk (CompNor), Ender Wiggens (Imp Inspection Coordinator, Clarinton St Flowers (Diplomatic Papers Corellia).
Player: John Romppainen
Race: Human
Planet of Origin: Corellia
Occupation: Pilot
Hight: 6’2”
Weight: 200#
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Captain and owner: Siniging Wookiee - Corona Freighter, Moya – Manta Starfighter
Rebel Rank: Brigadier General
Leader of: Talons Claw
Ships of Talons Claw: Floating Dust Bunny - PB950 Patrol Boat

History: Talon grew up around starships and learned to fly just about anything and is very good pilot. Stated a privateering group to help the rebellion take the empire down and to take away the empires toys and use them against them. He Likes to fly and likes to fly by the seat of his pants. Will not let the empire board his ships but he will board there ships (If he has a team on board).

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