Talon Longsong Memorial

Individual comments

On a shelf, under his name, is a holovid recording and data from his last mission. The following is what is contained on the holovid.

Compiled from Sensor Data, Video Data, Comm Data and Visual Data.

“This is Lieutenant Grey of the Carrack class Light Cruiser Nomadic Runner to Singing Wookie. Stand down and prepare to be boarded”.

“This is Talon Longsong, Captain of the Singing Wookie, Brigadier General with the Crucible Sector Rebel Alliance. No, you stand down and I won’t be forced to destroy you.”

On the holovid feed from the cockpit of the Singing Wookie it can be seen that Talon flips a switch and pod #2 raises up above the hull, exposing 6 concussion missile tubes, each fully loaded with 10 missiles.

Audio feed from Sensor Operator on the Carrack Cruiser to the bridge: “Sir, we were just locked on by a weapon that is very unusual. One of that ship’s pods has just revealed multiple concussion missile launchers.”

Lieutenant Grey orders the Weapons officer to target the Singing Wookie and to open fire with all weapons.

Chrono readings show that at the same time on board the Singing Wookie, Talon pushed a button. In the holovid feed from the Singing Wookie’s cockpit , it can be seen that a bright red button labeled “Launch All” was depressed by Talon Longsong, a button he himself mentioned on occasion was never supposed to be pushed.

The auto fire mechanism worked seamlessly ejecting 10 groupings of 6 missiles each, all aimed perfectly towards the Carrack Cruiser Nomadic Runner’s engines. Passing in the vacuum of space, the barrage from the Nomadic Runner’s laser weapons are oblivious of the incoming concussion missiles but are flawlessly aimed at the Singing Wookie. Almost simultaneously, each ship is hit by the fire power of the other; 60 concussion missiles slam in quick succession into the Nomadic Runner’s engines and massive amounts of laser power pummel the hull of the Singing Wookie.

The feed from the Singing Wookie is suddenly cut off and nothing but static fills the screen. From the planet Iraj, a brief, bright flash could be seen. Later investigation of the location where the 2 ships were last seen revealed only microscopic debris.

*Added to the memorial is a small replica of Talon's ship with his pirating logo painted on the side, and a holo-picture of Talon, Jynx, and Choth standing just outside of the DustBunny right after they commandeered it on their first and only mission together.

Scrawled underneath this in a feminine hand is "Talon is survived in each of us."

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