Targo S Death

There is disturbance in the force.

You see a shadow port, quite the hive of scum and villainy. Targo sits at a
saabac table in a bar just off the mezzanine when there is a great commotion
outside. In walks Darth Vader and a platoon of storm troopers, mere window
dressing to the Sith Lord. The room goes silent save for the sound of Vader's
respirator. "Targo Helix, have you reconsidered my offer? You do not
comprehend the Freedom, the Glory of the Dark Side." A pause. "I feel your
desire to live, to learn. Give into it and join me." Darth Vader's voice rises
in a crescendo, "you have studied the Light, now delve into the Darkness!"
"I told you before that my answer was no; nothing has changed. Will you
perchance honor me with a duel?" With that Targo rises and draws his
lightsaber. The yellow blade springs to life with a hiss.
"I have no interest in appeasing your honor. If you will not join me, then you
will die." Vader draws his own blood red blade and sets upon Targo with a
contemptuous swing. The Sith Lord sweeps at the legs of the Jedi, who
somersaults back onto the table, and lets out a series of thrusts that are
quickly blocked by Vader. With a slash and a thrust, Targo attempts to knock
the weapon from Vader's hand but only manages to get the table cut in two. The
room empties in frenzy of panic. The stormtroopers let the denizens run,
clearly more interested in trapping their pray. Encircled by a ring of white
Targo desperately parries without giving ground, for he has no ground to give.
"Your Tappani-style thrusts serve you poorly, fool. There are good reasons the
Jedi never incorporated them into their styles."
"It's hard to find a teacher these days, the way you…" but his words are never
finished as Darth Vader cleaves him in twain. His red blade hums quietly, as
Vader looks down upon the corpse. Unbidden, the memory of Obi-Wan vanishing in
death replays before his eyes. Not this time; Helix was no Jedi Master.
As Vader re-boards his personal Star Destroyer he looks out the window, "they
thought they could hide a Jedi, did they? Show them the error of their ways
Captain Morin. Eradicate them completely." In moments the Executor's
turbo-laser batteries lance out to the shadow port. Vader watches silently as
they reduce the Ruess VIII space station to scrap. "I feel there are more out
there, put me through to the Crucible Amassed Taskforce."

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