The Tarongs are a species of quadruped avians with warty and thick, leathery skin and long, hooked beaks. These massive avians have wings spanning 10 to 20 meters that enable them to fly at speeds of over 40 kilometers per hour. Their thin, leathery wings are surprisingly strong and have tufts of feathers growing randomly on the undersides. The tops of their wings are sot through with dark blue veins that alternately widen or constrict when a Tarong is happy or frightened. Their coloration ranges from a muddy brown to reddish tan to olive green. The younger the Tarong, the lighter its skin; the oldest Tarongs appear almost black. The front feet, though clawed, are nearly handlike and are capable of manipulating the smallest technological devices. The rear feet, however, are larger and stronger and are used to grasp prey and carry it aloft or used to anchor the Tarong to treelimbs and other objects.
Dexterity 2D/4D
Knowledge 1D/3D+1
Mechanical 1D/2D+2
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 1D/3D+1
Technical 1D/2D+1

Flight: This Dexterity skill is used by Tarongs to fly.
Weakness to Cold: Tarong require warm climates. Any Tarong exposed to near-freezing temperatures suffers 4D damage after one hour, 5D damage after two hours, and 8D damage after three hours.
Mimicry: Tarong have a natural aptitude for languages and can advance the skill in half the normal time at the normal Character Point cost.
Vision: Tarongs have outstanding long-range vision. They can increase the Search skill at half the normal Character Point cost and can search at ranges of nearly a kilometer if they have clear line of sight. Tarongs have well-developed infravision and can see in full darkness if there aer sufficient light sources.
Claws: These do STR+2 damage
Move: 8/10, 14/16 (flying)
Pip Cost: 3

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