Taylor Castel

As portrayed by Erin Moore

Rank: Lt. General Occupation: Computer specialist/Engineer
Race: Near human
Build: 5'4", Thin. Hair: Brown,shoulder length.
Childhood homeworld :Corellia
Residence: Barab 1

Ships: The Technicality; The unruly

"Calm and Peaceful, Calm and Peaceful…." said as a mantra.
"I can fix anything but dead, and were working on that….."
"This is reality, not science fiction." Said in response to crazy requests.
"Bad things don't happen because we understand something, they happen because we don't"


Close friends and allies:

Mourned friends: proceed with caution near Taylor - she might disappear into engineering for a while.

  • Silo Blustar
  • MRath
  • Tthokk, tormented by his death and suffers nightmares.
  • darrik-de-louth Lost friend to the force hunt


  • Youngston Townster: An arrogant coward. Taylor is disgusted by this rich boy with no talent. She has refused his employment despite being offered outrageous salaries.

Other: probably unhealthy relationships.

  • Jabba the Hutt: Feared. Taylor is known to get very nervous around hutts. Jabba once considered Taylor an employee, Taylor is thought to be an engineer capable of stealth technology to be Jabba. Taylor has explained she is not…… but Jabba is not so sure he believes her.
  • Ogus the Hutt: Feared. Taylor in deal to win back a captured rebel now owes Ogus 3 favors.

Her personal strengths :

  • Taylor is determined, once Taylor gets something in her head she will pursue it to the end.
  • FRIENDS. Taylor feels the most important aspect of her life, her strength is the people she loves. Friendship mean everything to her.
  • Taylor's curious mind will not let her rest until she solves the mystery. Taylor has followed many "dead" ends only to find important information or discover sinister plots from enemies.

Current Struggles:

  • Recent bullying by a member of the alliance has made Taylor uncomfortable in issuing trust towards people. She is now keenly aware of how much weaker and how she is unable to defend herself, except with near deadly force.
  • Taylor wrestles with the lack of guidance for force users. They are held to against the images and tales of dead hero's and expected to live up. Thing is all those people are dead and the only way to measure up is to be dead as well — then your a hero. She is seeking a path which suits her, she is pretty sure it is not being a jedi.
  • Taylor wonders about the force path she might follow. She has accepted guidance from masters which have opened dangerous doors for her, and she is listening.
  • Taylor worries about her family, fearful of harm that might happen to them. Particularly in regards to Vandin Vronbeck.
  • To free a rebel, Taylor has entered a bargain with Ogus the hutt. She owes him 3 favors.

Resolved struggles:

  • Hints have caused Taylor to doubt her relationship with Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh. While still deeply in love, she wonders if he is feels the same way.
  • Taylor has overcome her excitement from criminal activity. Taylor appreciates that her action cause harm to other, and has reformed considerably.
  • * Taylor is currently unsure of her position as rebel leader. She is fearful of getting younger rebels killed and uncomfortable with the duty of young rebels defense.
  • * Taylor wrestles her self control. Reformed from her life of criminal indulgence, Taylor controls her nature strictly, until she crossed paths with Xakon. When near Xakon, Taylor find it difficult to practice her self restraint and find her emotion tend to lead her. Taylor has developed questions about this reaction, and is searching to find the answers; which she believes will make her stronger.

Random RP notes to observe

  • Force: Taylor while a user of the force does not consider herself a Jedi. She is searching for what path in the galaxy best suits her. Taylor allows her intuition and emotions to to guide her in the use of the force. She trusts her good sense before any code to direct her actions.
  • Family: Taking an increasing defining role in Taylor's life. Taylor will stop at nothing to protect, recover or pay any price to see them from harm.
  • Droids: Despite owning a few, Taylor dislikes droids. She finds it odd how people surrounds themselves and consider them friends - they are machines. She especially hates droids with attitudes.
  • Tech: Taylor loves puzzles and locks. Her greatest love is in star ships. Taylor can not resist learning about tech she does not understand, when it's play she becomes singularly focused on the new shiny - even at the cost of personal safety. She finds it hard to resist locks unopened, seeing them as a tempting challenge.
  • Food:Taylor often forgets to eat, or simply eats protein bars. She is a horrible cook. On the technicality her food stores are protein bars and waffle mix.
  • Love: Taylor defines loves as her saving grace, her greatest strength, and what keeps her from harm. She feels lost with out it. In her view point, love helps her balance the force and without she thinks she would fall to the dark side. Currently she is in a relationship.
  • Lt. General: Taylor often disregards her own rank. She rarely reminds people that she is a General. She has no aides, no crew, but instead prefers to be a in field trainer and operative.
  • Hutt: Taylor hates Hutt. "Hutts, complicate everything!" Despite hating Hutts Taylor often finds herself pulled in front of them.

Theme songs: Inspirational Songs that make me think of Taylor

  • Into The Fire, BY Sarah McLaughlin. I hear Taylor's voice in this song.
  • Bring me to Life, By Evanescence
  • Lies, By Evanescence How Taylor feels about current situation with Force Users
  • Home, by Daughtry Home, love, family….. Taylor's passion and hope now.
  • Remedy, Little Boots Taylor's light saber battle theme song.


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