Taylor Castel Report

Mission report.

Geological Sample collections and update status on Rebel Base.

As requested geological and life form samples have been collected from the planet of Mindor.

See Min
Rock samples
1 life form: winged mammal like creature (bat appearance)

We requested and received landing permission from the local Imperial checkpoints. Little interference on their part. Our cover held well, and we began our research process at the last known location of the Imperial base.

Imperial Base:
We found the core to be breached and leaking radiation, but well contained under rubble, unless excavating.

Rebel base status.
Rebels : Deceased, all accounted for by genetic sampling. Taylor Castel verified.

Once at the scene it became apparent to fellow rebel operatives that influences were affecting people inclined to feel the force. They tended to be prone to fits of rage and darkness.

This was confirmed within the base. We found all rebels had been mutilated, apparently by their own hands. In laymen terms, it appears they ripped themselves apart. Further investigation revealed a life form, which was collected and brought back for testing.

We then proceeded to investigate the southern pole. We found sensor reading of 2 tie fighters responded to our approach. Then next check had 4 ties, then 6 incoming. At the time we found missiles it was best to cease our approach to the southern pole and return home.

Gen Taylor Castel advises that no one inclined to feel the force be sent to the planet. She would personally request that she not be assigned to any further interaction with Mindor.

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