Reflections of Taylor Castel

These personal files are stored in restricted areas and are not available physically or electronically. They are Taylor's private musing, concerns, reactions and reflections on current events in her life. However, you are free to read them and perhaps engage me in role play on the topics (from your characters observation of Taylor - she is known to be a rather "readable" person). They shouldn't be quoted directly as if your character had access - unless you traveled to Barab 1 and would like to give me security rolls.

Taylor's Log

Jedi Reflection
Distance makes the heart grow fonder
My lone sand dune
Have you seen your villain lately?
A new council?
Hello Life .... I missed you
The new apprentice?
Curious Mind
The new me.
End of times
Facing it all
Stand your ground
Slide in from the side
The task
Blood stained
My dangerous mind
And then there were six
The Shadows closing
Family Vacation

Scenes from Taylor's Life

We are not monks, forgive yourself
The place we never left
Hyperspace, alone
There you are, I have been looking for you

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