Team 1 Friends And Family

Mission report: Search for M'rath: filed by Brig. General "Stinky"

Operatives for Mission: Fred Slick, Targo Helix, Fen bel Iblis, Chimara, Taylor Castel, Choth Tamith, Slik, Loren Nik, Corbin Maxx, and myself

After the list of names of possible holders of one portion of the amulet of Exar Kun surfaced, Fred Slick and Lyta Miris started to question whether the Bothan M'rath had indeed died at The Battle of Shiva. The only possible source for this list was M'rath and this meant that he had been captured by the Empire. They decided to try to find out if he was still alive and if so to rescue him.

A preliminary source confirmed that M'rath was indeed alive. A second source gave us enough additional information to act on the possibility that M'rath was the "Butcher of Navhiba" (a title given by the Imperial news).

Upon arriving, we found that security was exceptionally tight and that no weapons were being allowed in. As it was imperitive for us to enter, none of us took any weapons with us. As cover stories, one crew said they were here to find a specific cargo and the other was here for wedding preparations.

Soon after arriving, we started to contact a Sullustan who we were told could help us track down M'rath. We were lead to an abandoned building and a very paranoid Bothan (I don't blame him for being so as all Bothans were in danger of being taken as "the Butcher") told us the possible location was at the destroyed Rebel base.

We all went and shortly after arriving, out of the shadows sprang M'rath. He took off and our party split up to persue. Fred and Targo went one direction, the rest of us took off towards Loren who was in a vehicle to intercept M'rath from the other side of the building. At one point, Slik was able to catch up with M'rath and gave him a friendly hug. This did, for a very short time, alter M'rath's attitude but it did not last for long. The Bothan believed and voiced his opinion that all of us were to blame for what had happened to him.

Ulimately our chase lead us to come around a corner to find many Imperials down the street, along with armed ground vehicles. M'rath brought out a thermal detonator, the Imperials opened fire and killed M'rath. We were able to retrieve his body before the td went off, which blocked the Imperials and allowed us to make a hasty retreat. Others arrived and helped us leave Navhiba.

(Reports from the other team members would be appreciated to fill in the gaps.)

Chimara's Report

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