Team 2 - Misc Rebels

Team Leader: Lt. Colonel Myrrad or Mathias Cordones
Lead: New information found that the mysterious explosion that sunk a sub base on Navhiba was set by a bothan terrorist who may be or may be working for the "Butcher of Navhiba". There is also information that the "Butcher of Navhiba" may actually be M'rath himself. The local comm number for the bothan terrorist has turned up as well.
Objective: Make contact with the bothan terrorist and investigate the trail from his end to try to locate any leads to M'rath, or M'rath himself. Secondary objective to discover the motives of the bothan terrorist and possibly get him to join the rebels.
Mission Status: 66% success
Report: Team arrived on Navhiba without issues. Established a base camp and made called the comm we had been given. Lt. Vo-Zzingnut commed the bothan terrorist and was able to arrange a meeting in a relatively short time at a nearby Casino. The team made our way to the casino to meet him on time. A couple of advance scouts had gone slightly ahead, and everything seemed normal. The meeting was in a private back room. The bothan introduced himself and after a short conversation revealed that he suspected that he had been hired indirectly by the Butcher of Navhiba. He had also heard that other people that had done work for the Butcher had been turning up dead, and he was afraid the Butcher would eventually get to him. He agreed to lead us to the people that hired him. He then lead us out the back of the casino towards some repulsor boats to go to find the people that had hired him. As we were going towards the docs, a group of Navhiba security forces came around one corner of the casino apparently looking for someone, and a group of thuggish looking people came around the other side of us, drawing blasters as they came. The thugs started fireing at us and shouted something about the Butcher of Navhiba being with us. That of course confirmed to the Security forces that we were people they wished to chase. The bothan was visibly scared for his life. Our team took up defensive formation and ran for the boats as we were outnumbered and outgunned. We took 4 boats out and started racing away, protecting the bothan with us. A hi-speed chase on the repulsor boats then ensued, both the security forces and the thugs chasing in boats. The boats turned out to have vehiclular weapons on them, and we were able to get the fueling station at the docks to blow and take out some of the pursuing boats. As the chase progressed, we managed to take out most of the following boats, but two of the four boats we had had also taken some damage. Then two more security boats decided to join the chase coming from the other way, so we decided to exchange a couple of boats with them. Just after commandeering their boats to replace our sinking ones, the remaining security force boat in pursuit was then called off due to comm calls that the Butcher of Navhiba had been located and needed all backup to come to somewhere else to assist in his capture. We then started making our way towards our exit point. On the way, Mathias used the comms on the captured security force boat to assist Team 1 by misdirecting and confusing the reinforcements coming to help capture the Butcher of Navhiba. We then were able to get out without notice, taking the bothan with us.

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