Team C Reports: AKA Mathias on Vacation (Again)

Penthouse suite reserved on Minos for the Empire Day Celebration…..check.
Full wardrobe prepared and week long party planned…..check.
Party in swing…. guest arrive….let us just say here the company is stimulating and people are having a great time….

Of course rebel command would select this inopportune moment to issue an activation order and instruct me to be prepared for extracting rebel operatives. <sigh> At least I am already on location and do not have to do more than prepare at this time. I guess I will have to take a break from the festivities to welcome my fellow rebel operatives to the party (provided they are properly attired) or make proper arrangements (if they are not)…

I meet up with Harold, Rockland, ……<insert names here>…….

They all have this crazy plan to join in the race. We make arrangements for their speeders, an ambulance, and a courtesy van for use in extractions. Then Harold and I plot optimum gambling for their entry into the race.

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