Team Lead By Gen Dee Laan Gad Wa Heega

Mindor Southern Pole Recon Mission of Imperial Base Report
Brig. Gen. Dee’laan Gad’wa-heega

Team members:

While the team lead by Gen. Castell covered taking samples at various locations around Mindor, my team was tasked with traveling to the southern polar region to attempt to infiltrate the Imperial base and ascertain what its purpose is. As there were enough available personnel, my group was split into two teams; the other being lead by Slik.

We used 2 ships to travel to Mindor. Our plan was to get as close as possible without being detected. To achieve this, once our ships were close enough, power was cut and we drifted into the atmosphere. On board “Corellia’s Folly”, Ned’lx piloted the ship while I spent the descent by the engines to insure they could be restarted in time. We then flew low to continue to avoid being detected.

Arriving in the southern polar region, we reconnected with Slik’s team. After covering the ships with camo netting, everyone piled into the hover vehicle we brought along and headed straight into a blizzard. Pistolwhip drove and the rest of the team’s members either manned the sensors (which did not work very well due to regional problems) or keeping an eye out for any obstructions or the base. We ended up almost running into it, stopping 20 meters away.

It was decided to back up a bit and then we again split up. My group found the outer wall and then a vehicle door. Andoni was able to get the door open and we found ourselves in a speeder bike bay. As our orders were to sneak in, try to gain as much information as possible and sneak back out with out being detected, I had a few team members who were at odds with these directives. But with the help of the other portion of the team, they ultimately mostly agreed.

We were able to sneak in and found some clothes to be able to blend in. Going to a door labeled “Servers” that was constantly monitored by cameras, Uneeq in an officer’s uniform along with our 2 Wookies created a distraction. Andoni again was able to break the code on the lock and with the Wookies as cover, we all entered the room. There was another door labeled “Reactor” but before we could think about going in or trying to gain info off of the servers, Slik’s team commed us that they were able to hack the Commander’s computer. He warned us that security was extremely high on the computers so we choose to not do anything else and backtracked out of the facility.

The blizzard had let up, so we rushed back to the hover vehicle. Looking at the now visible base, it was noticed that there was some type of a planetary defense weapon. Pistolwhip had given our team recording devices to use, so some of us took vid of this weapon.

I was able to find a way to get the snow to again cover our exit. We all made it back to our hidden ships without incident. We chose to leave the planet by again flying low until reaching the northern polar area. Some patrol crafts spotted us but another craft acted as a diversion. We made a short hyperspace jump to get away and then from a safe location made the calculation to return to the fleet.

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