Technical Terms

Starships and Vehicles— Technical Terms (for fluff and fun)

  • Activation Matrix: The bit of the hyperdrive that makes it go so darn fast.
  • Agitator Bearings: Necessary for repulsorlift operation on gas giants. Adjustible.
  • Alluvial dampers: Keeps the ship from shaking itself apart at high speeds.
  • Amicron Mix: Acts as a radiation soak, and is used to shield any system that leaks dangerous radiation. Should be changed fairly often.
  • Anion Discharge System: How the ship gets rid of ion drive by-products.
  • Antioxidant Induction Fluid: Keeps the Activation Matrix from covering itself with a thick rustlike layer which prevents hyperdrive use. (Caution: Do not drink!)
  • Balance Turbines: Distributes repulsorlift field energy evenly around the craft.
  • Brath Bearing Brackets: Allow smooths rapid turns on speederbikes.
  • Central Computer System: What it says.
  • Cephalaph Shielding: A waxy grey insulant used to protect the other systems from the ship's power plant emissions.
  • Comm unit: Pretty obvious, isn't it?
  • Computer Control Circuits: Enables the computer to activate and deactivate ship's systems.
  • Computer Feedback Circuits: Keeps computer aware of the status of the various systems.
  • Drive Compensator: a device used to counterbalance to effects of the drive.
  • Drive Compensator Fusion Coil: The central (and, consequently, the most expensive) part of the fusion engine, which provides power to the ship.
  • Ethereal Rudder: Directional control in starfighters.
  • Fission Charger: a device used to recharge fuel cells.
  • Frigidon Mix: Very cold fluid. Passed through certain systems in partially insulated tubes to keep them from overheating. Also poured on things to make them more brittle.
  • Fuel Cells: Containers of fusable material designed to be used by the power plants. Burnt out fuel cells can be recycled, or recharged through a fission charger.
  • Fuel Converters: Since most ships have reactionless drives, fuel converters would be quite uncommon. If your ship has one, and it blows, you've got a major problem on your hands.
  • Horizontal boosters: Thrusters used to provide lateral movement. Also known as lateral thrusters.
  • Hyperdrive: That which makes the ship go past light speed. Duh.
  • Hyperspace Compass: A heading indicator. Like a compass, it measures your direction of travel.
  • Inertial Dampers: Keeps the crew from getting that chunky salsa look when the ship makes a fast turn.
  • Interphase Transducers: Converts energy from the powerplants into a form usable by the hyperdrive.
  • Ion Piston: Ion engine part.
  • Jehltekk Enhancer Valve: Component of a repulsorlift maneuvering system.
  • Microimpact Dampers: Keep the ships drive systems from jolting themselves out of alignment.
  • Power Couplings: A power coupling transfers energy from one circuit into another.
  • Power Plant: Source of energy for all ships systems.
  • Quad Power Cyclers: power cyclers for speeder craft.
  • Sliverfoils: Ion engine component.
  • Reactant Agitator Injector: Fuel injecton? Probably some form of catalyst for the engines.
  • Repulsorlift generator: Generates the repulsorlift field. Repulsorcoils.
  • Repulsor Modulator: Accelerator?
  • Servo-bracket: Available in any landspeeder, brackets the servos.
  • Synthion Foam: Insulates, reduces emissions, and holds things together in a pinch.
  • Thersop Ambulator: Skiff tiller control component.
  • Trianolubricant fluid: Keeps ion drives from overheating.
  • Trianolubricant Injection System: Keeps those ion drives swimming.
  • Turbothrust Converter Coils: Expressed in sizes V-5 to V-12.

DD sent these to me in an Email, and originally compiled these.

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