Teräs Käsi

Teräs Käsi, or "steel hand" in Basic, is a weaponless martial art form. It was created on the planet Bunduki by the Followers of Palawa, refugees of the planet Palawa, which was devastated earlier in a war somehow involving the Jedi Council.

The Followers of Palawa created Teräs Käsi to keep the Jedi in check, and presumably, ensure that another world would never be destroyed by the actions of the Council.

However, Teräs Käsi drew upon their own internal force power, whereas the Jedi draw from everything around them.

In the campaign, the rules for Teräs Käsi is as follows from the Judges Handbook.

This Martial Art form does not utilize techniques, but does have a special ability. Up to half of the skill dice can be removed from the attack to hit roll and are then added to the damage for the attack. On a round that this ability is used, no other actions or reactions can be used. But due to the unique nature of this skill and the training required, player characters cannot train other characters. This skill must be learned from an NPC at a Seminar or Interactive. The player character must also use a personal initiative to seek out a Master to learn this skill from and convince that Master to take the player character on as pupil. This Martial Art form requires six uninterrupted months to learn. The Seminar or Interactive counts as one or two months, respectively, towards this training. The additional months can be accounted for by opting out of modules where one module accounts for one month of time. A judge must approve these modules. Another option is to only play in Seminar or Interactive events until the six-month requirement is met (no other module can be played between Seminars or Interactives).

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