Thank You To Slik And Guest From Sara

1st off, thank you very much for attending my party. The fine drinks, plants, and the coupon you brought were very thoughtful gifts that I definitely appreciate. I will have to give it some thought as to what persona I would like to use the coupon for. The ‘pony’ as you called it, while it looks oddly cute I have to admit, is definitely a present that you should not give someone that lives on a small yacht, let alone someone who has no idea how to take care of them. I expect you to clean up the mess it left in the recreation room. I also appreciate the attempt to entertain the party with the many disguises. However, next time it would be appreciated if you would let me know before hand who all would be showing up so that we could make sure to have restrictions on weapons available. If some people had had grenades on them by chance, things could have gone very wrong for you. Also, if you impersonate my father again, or mention him, I cannot vouch for your safety even if I do know it is you.

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