The Ballad Of Mord Orlan

The lyrics were written by Uneeq (singer/songwriter, entertainer & rebel sympathizer) upon hearing of the deaths of five members of the Rebellion in the "Gem Diving Incident" on Yavin IV from surviving members of the team. Uneeq had been prepared to premiere the ballad at the memorial service for the fallen rebels, but was unfortunately captured while attempting to free slaves from an Imperial factory just prior to the service. Luckily, she had taught the song to another rebel, who led everyone at the memorial service in a rousing rendition of the epic-style ballad.

Well there once was a pilot who flew fast and true
Never worried of danger, this everyone knew
In the Rebel Alliance he was one of a kind
And a better companion you never will find

Took his ship into battle to fight the Empire
In the fight against evil he never did tire
But on Yavin IV he paid the ultimate price
If you'll listen, I'll tell you of his sacrifice

So let's raise a glass to Mord Orlan and crew
To the Rebel Alliance till the end they were true!
The Dark Jedi was strong, but they fought till he fell
We will always remember their sacrifice well!

Mord was known far and wide for his piloting skill
In the Century Eagle he'd fly in for the kill
Flanked by zatders and droids, he could make that ship fly
And the Rebel Alliance on him did rely

Until that fatal day when he joined in a quest
To seek precious gems at Marcus Pennik's behest
3 ships, 14 rebels headed to Yavin IV
With no inkling the evil that lay there in store


Now, Crash in the Drunken Bantha led the group
Made the hyperjump then went right into the soup
Of the atmosphere of the gas giant Yavin
Finding Coruscant gems where they hid deep within

Though the empire too had arrived near the site
It was thought that the mining was hidden from sight
And the gems would bring to the Rebellion much cash
So the rebels turned miners did not want to dash


Then Josh Rimworld's Skipray and the Eagle jumped in
To the system and checked up on Crash and the gems
Seeking just a few more proved to be a mistake
For the Empire had gotten its first lucky break

A Dark Jedi detected their presence so near
So he sent out his squadron and took up the rear
But Kamino Forscan sensed the Force in the sky
Teleported aboad Mord's ship to see just why


We will never know just what occurred on Mord's ship
But the others knew someone has loosened Mord's grip
When he called to his friends to fire straight on the Eagle
His demeanor was calm and his emphasis regal

With Mord's order the other crew members agreed
Marcus Pennik, Aldonza, Jenden and Shuri
Gave the go-ahead to end their lives just to save
The Alliance from Forscan - Send him to his grave!!


(Lyrics by Julie Whelan Capell, based on and sung to the tune of "The Ballad of Optimus Prime" by The great Luke Ski (on his album "Worst Album Ever!"))

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