The Bank Job Additions By Will Tancred

Julie and Choth have given a fairly accurate account of the Bank
Robbery, but have left a few things out.

First, we went to Liberty to deposit funds for the start of a
new Rebellion cell there. It seems the locals hadn't even
considered it for years. Struck by a dreadfull premonition
I asked, "Isn't this the bank that Rockland Hawk
was supposed to have robbed?" A voice from above laughed and
said yes…

Joudannh was posing as Arthur Jones. Some of the
Rebellion agents recognized him though.

I snuck over to the teller area, and slipped over the counter.
I found, as expected, that the tellers were hiding behind
their counter hoping not to be noticed. I quickly hustled
them out the back door.

The police negotiator talking to Mr Jones was eventually
replaced by an ISB captain, who said he knew who we all
were. Thanks a lot, Evil Lans!

The teenager's plan went pretty well, except that they had
under-estimated the difficulty of getting the vault door open.
We blasted our way from the vault into the sewers, as per
plan, and got away with a lot of money. For the Rebellion,
of course! If we're going to get blamed for it anyway…

At one point, the teenagers were watching the adult Rebel
agents almost come to blows. They were then asked if they
liked what they saw. Welcome to the fun-filled world of the
Rebel Alliance. We do this all the time!

Will Tancred

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