The Bank Job Report By Choth Tamith

Since Uneeq happened to be unconsious, I guess it is my duty to fill in some of the blanks…

So our small group was assembled in the Bank waiting for Joudannh to get out of the managers office and talking up why we thought we were here and filling in a few on what had happened with the Rebellion here previously. Joudannh came out from making his "deposit" and had an envelope that he was given. We were about to check out what it was when a group of five teens pull out weapons.

Immediately the entire group gives each other looks that ask how do we want to handle this. Then the security guards draw their weapons and start a shoot out. This resulted in multiple injuries both from the bystanders (Uneeq included) and the security guards. At this point Mathias desides to begin to negoiate with the would be robbers. After some well used reasonning and gathering that the robbers are wanna-be rebels, he manages to get the robbers to allow a triage point. I took point on this, yes, I know this is completely outside of my normal job during missions but someone had to do it. About this point the building is surrounded by local police, or so we are lead to believe from glancing outside.

Of course as with any good hostage situation, the phone starts to ring. Joudannh immediately offers his assistance to the would-be robbers, since he is a lawyer (or so he claimed, did a good job if he wasn't). This last claim took a while of talking for them to at least give him a chance. So we have now began to sink our fate into the mess as any good rebel team would do.

So, Joudannh is negotiating at this point and starts it out with "Hello, <insert alias> attorny at law, how can I help you?" This causes the local law to automatically accuse him of being in with the robbers. Like any good lawyer though he managed to twist it around so he seemed like a good samaritain just trying to help the innocent and prevent further violence. Mathias at this point negotiates the release of three critically injured people being release and slipped as many non-injured out as he could in the process.

At this point other than negotiating and a little medical work we are playing very low key. Fate in her infinate wisdom decided that we were having it too easy. That is when the 'Wookiee' that we had forgot about had his hands flip back and began spraying blaster bolts indiscrimately at the green-horns. The police call and ask what is happening. Upon finding out, they hang up on a slightly confused and very much not happy Joudannh.

Several more civilians are injured along with two of the robbers (one, the youngest, critically) in the initial surprise. Immediately, everyone begins to let their experience kick in. Joudannh continually redials the police with no luck. Black Jack heards the uninjured into conver. Mathias dives out of the way of stray bolts. Will Tancred begins to sneak into a good flanking possition. Deh'nya, reconizing it as a droid breaks out her ion gun. I run into the hail of bolts after the critically injured robber taking a grazing hit, before performing emergency first aid and dragging her back to the triage point.

After a bit of shoot the droid goes down and the situation seems to have changed. The biggest robber immediately checks on the one I just finished stabilizing. Apparently it was his tweleve to thirteen year old little sister. After confirming that she'll be fine he says if I need anything just ask (lucky for me in a second). Uneeq began to come around around this point.

So Mathias takes advantage on the change in views and negotiates for all of the injured to be released. Wanting to get as many innocents out as possible I begin having as many uninjured as possible carry the wounded, to include those that could walk out, then pushing my luck I waived all of the hostiages in my area out the front door.

At some point in here, the ISB tipped Joudannh off to the fact that they were outside and would except nothing short of our surrender along with the robbers. This ended up leading to conversation reguarding us working for the alliance, which like any smart being that has talked with plenty too many ISB denied as I began shooing hostages out the door like they were thermal detonators about to explode. Joudannh and Black Jack did not appreaciate this and drew weapons to stop them. I readily stepped aside not wanting to have to draw more attention than I had already to myself. By this time only 25 remained inside the building.

Will, Deh'Nya, and one of the techy robbers began to figure out an exit that wouldn't involve shooting it out with lots of ISB. After looking over some great plans of the building and the area the exit was "found". The catch? It was in the vault under the building and the manager of the bank with the combo was one of the first to be evacuated. So between them they began to attempt to open the vault.

Mean while, Joudannh is still attempting with Black Jack's help to keep Uneeq, Mathias, and myself from letting the rest of the hostages go. After all, no hostages then no reason for ISB not to storm the building.

The safe is opened and the ones that have accomplished this go in. After a while the ISB calls and mentions something about a holorod that we have. Of course, eveyone upstairs has no idea what they are talking about. When they are done finding the point that they want to blast out of they come up for the explosives and we mention the call. The techy robber relizes that his jammer has been out done and begins to actively jamming again with 'Wookiees Wet and Wild.'

Now the rush starts. Obviously they have some crack members on the outside and they want the holorod and us so we really have to get out and quick. The police send food to the door to feed the hostages and Joudannh disagrees about letting them in with it. So we have them leave it there and are going to send some of the hostages out for it, about five, I whisper to them right before they go out, "get the food and take it back to the police". Joudannh did not appreacate this at all, now we had to feed them and only had the vending machines to do so. One swing later and I had the food ready to order.

Some of the hostages were complaining about needing to use the rest room. So we let them go with Uneeq escorting the females and Black Jack the males. Next thing I know he comes back with a dart sticking out of his chest and saying that no more bathroom breaks. I pull the dart out and get the toxin inside over both of us, to no effect on such manly men (lucky rolling). Uneeq comes back without her hostages.

About this time they pull Black Jack to help set the explosives so we can escape. Which leaves four robbers, four rebels, and about fifteen hostages. Uneeq sneaks another five hostages, all male, out the womens bathroom. Joudannh has had enough at this point. He walks up to the four robbers and describes what he wants them to do to prevent any more hostages from escaping, as Uneeq slips the last of them out the front door.

At this point we are running very short on time. Black Jack finishes with the explosives and moves everyone downstair to a safe distance to set it off. At the same time the ISB begins shooting out the windows to the building in prep for their assault. Suddenly an explosion shakes the whole building, Black Jack learned at the school of P for Pleanty. I motioned for Mathais and Uneeq to fall back as I stayed to draw fire for a bit longer.

I knew it was a good time to run when I heard multiple grenade launchers going off. I dove into the vault right behind Uneeq and Mathais. We shut the door, sealed it behind us, and used the swears to stategically withdraw from the location.

-Choth Tamith
*Would you believe I'm a field medic?

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