The Bank Job Report By Uneeq

A small group of rebels (Choth, Joudannh, Deh'Nya, Will Tancred,
Matthias Cordones, Blackjack and Uneeq) were given the mission to
make a deposit at a bank on a planet where the rebellion was trying
to gain a foothold (I was taken down by a shot early in the
action, so details on this portion of the mission will have to come
from someone else, if they are needed).

While making their deposit, a bank robbery was initiated by a group
of natives of the planet, causing ISB to surround the building and
trapping our heroes inside, along with the would-be robbers and a
bunch of innocent civilians. Upon further discussion, it was
learned that the "robbers" were rebellion wanna-be's and they
thought robbing the bank would be helping the rebellion. Med packs
were distributed to a couple of civilians injured in the initial
robbery attempt, and Uneeq was revived.

Using the civilians as human shields AGAINST THE STRENUOUS
OBJECTIONS OF SEVERAL PARTY MEMBERS, the rebels bought time to blast
through the durasteel walls of the bank vault and escape into the
sewers beneath the building. To get down into the vault and place
the charges required many technical rolls on the part of Deh'nya and

While the two techs were getting in the vault, a debate raged
amongst the rebels on the first floor of the bank regarding whether
or not to let the civilians go. Joudannh was the
designated "negotiator, " which meant every time the ISB called on
the phone to demand the rebels' surrender, Joudannh would scream
that he couldn't comply with the ISB demands at the present moment
because someone was holding a gun to his head, at which point
BlackJack would obligingly hold his blaster to Joudanh's head and
act like a crazy man. Which was pretty much indistinguishable from
how BlackJack normally acts, so that worked well.

Meanwhile, Choth was surruptitiously letting the civilians go out
the back door until that was deemed too dangerous and BlackJack made
the civilians kneel on the floor with their hands behind their
heads. He and Joudannh said the civilians were "not hostages. We
just need them to stay here in the bank to protect ourselves from
the ISB until we can get out."

This was too much for Choth, Matthias and myself, who tried to come
up with a way to get the civilians out. Their moment arrived when
the civilians asked to go to the bathroom. Matthias accompanied the
males to the male-gendered beings' rest room and I accompanied
the females to the female-gendered beings' rest room. As he opened
the door to go in first, however, Matthias saw the laser of a sniper
rifle focus on his chest and quickly dodged out of the way, closing
the door and not letting the males in. Simultaneously, I was
letting the females in to the female rest room. As I entered, I
also saw the telltale sniper laser dot on my chest. Ducking and
rolling to get under the window where the sniper was perched, I
dodged the shot and commenced negotiations with the ISB. The
females were allowed to climb out the window and I promised to
usher more civilians into the bathroom. Using my comm to contact
Matthias, I signaled that more civilians should be brought to
the female's rest room, from which they could escape.

At this point, BlackJack was needed in the vault to set the
explosive charges, so he went downstairs, dropping his guard on the
Civilians. At the same time, Joudannh needed to relieve himself
(trust me, you don't want the details on this) and so went to use a
bucket in a dark corner of the bank. In seconds, Matthias managed
to get all the rest of the civilians into the rest room and they
escaped the building.

At this point, all h-e-!! broke loose. Joudannh, more than a little
perturbed that the civilians had been let go, started ranting that
now the ISB was going to attack without mercy. Just as he was
saying that, the windows of the bank all blew in and grenades came
bouncing into the building. Simultaneously, the detonite went off
in the vault and the building rocked on its foundations.

But BlackJack had done a good job placing the explosive charge to
minimize danger to the people still in the building, and it did not
collapse. The rebels who were still upstairs ran down into the
vault with the ISB grenades on their heels. Everyone fled down the
sewers and escaped—just barely.

Report filed by Uneeq

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