The Begining

Xacon's gardens were wonderous. I couldn't help but be distracted by the rich and exotic aromas I had experienced there, as frustrating as it was to navigate the gardens alone. Now that we were free of the massive greenhouse and walking through the labyrinth or white walled corridors in his abode my mind was having difficulties focusing in on what we were talking about.

I had been speaking to him about a plathoura of topics: How me and Squibie were doing, how much I enjoyed our new abode, the gardens we had just left, and my ideas for a new workspace, and the things I was currently interested in toying around with.

Xacon seemed happy that I've been trying to keep a lower profile, and that I was looking into more subtle methods of going about my line of work. He mentioned that he was impressed by some of the things I have done, if a little worried too at times. I am more that certain he is happy I didn't nuke his wonderful garden, and so am I. Who knows what resources there might be there.

We finally stoped before a door so like the rest we had passed and Xacon ushered me through the doorway. I was startled when a voice interrupted the akward silence, and recognized me as Mrs. Reon Vo- Zzingnut and granted me security clearance. I'm more or less used to the opposite effect back at the labs on Rebel Base.

The lab was massive and at first glance I knew it promised to be more than efficient, seeing as it was provided for by my esteemed host. I was a bit dumbfounded when I first walked in, I had never seen anything like this before. Xacon was talking, and again I was distracted by the sight of the lab.

"…Heard about the Opera House…..No longer a spoiled moff's daughter…..If there is anything that you need, LX will be here to assist you. And, Reon…think over the offer."

A few momments passed before I turned to thank Xacon and ask him about the 'offer', which I had missed out on, but he was already gone and LX was simply standing there waiting to be of use.

We walked around the lab, the droid pointing out the many uses and equipment the space had to offer me. There was a space equiped to help in making and tampering with explosives, as well as a place to test them. LX told me it was soundproof, which I can understand my host preffering, so I guess that in field application will be all the more fun. There was also an elaborate medicinal and chemical area with tons of machines and a computer to acess information from. I hightly doubt that I will ever use it for actual medical purposes, and standing there admiring all the tools I was struck by the idea of tampering with some spores I picked up almost a year ago. I'm unsure what properties they have, but now I have a way to find out.

"Is there a place to test out some of what I plan to make, on live subjects?" I asked LX.

"There is a suitable area to house small animals for testing over here, Mrs. Zzingnut."

I stared at the small clear containers and thought of what type of creatures I could possibly use. My first thought, which was unnerving, was of Squibie, but perhaps it's merely because of the fur. I felt a little down after that inital thought, and am not so sure I could go through with animal testing, but I know it will be needed. Maybe if Stinky proves too much to handle…after all he was a cheap purchase.

"I'll need to get some small animals for testing…preferably nothing resembling my husband." I sighed. LX took a note of this for me as we continued to walk about the lab.

There is also a place for armor repair, which reminds me that my armor currently has claw marks torn through the back of it from a Defel. And to my great delight a place for making missles.

I sat down in one of the lab chairs, my chin in my hands and my eyes studying the polished floor where my reflection stared back.

"Excuse me, Mrs. is there anything you lack that I might aquire?"

I stared at the droid. "No, LX. Not at the momment. This lab is everything…and so much more." Again I caught my own gaze in yet another polished surface. I look so different now, I couldn't help but notice. Like my mother in tattered clothes…but how unlike one another we are. "LX, can you go back to the ship and get me my plasticine, please?"

With something to do , LX went off at once, leaving me to look over some of the devices.

I waited for him to come back, finding a lab coat that seemed to be specially tailored for me. My thoughts were like the aromas in Xacon's gardens, each one promising something fantasmal but never quite reching the surface of my thoughts. I thought about Talon, and the missles at my disposal, about how worried Squibie seemed about my line of work, and about my recent tampering with the sisematite that Fera gave me. Looking at the armor repair and misssle station I wondered if there were other paths to consider venturing, much like the maze I had to travel to get to Xacon.

As easy as it would have been to blow my way through, I know it would have upset my host, and likely I wouldn't be sitting here in the wonderful lab. I would have devestated the greenhouse as well….just like the little kid I almost blew up on Bespin.

Wow…all this time I've been worried about not being able to controll what I do. That my explosions are too dangerous, or bigger than I was expecting. Now I realize that I do have controll over that form of chaos….it's the other elements that come into play that I have no controll over. It's kids running into fountains, and riots incited in streets I have no real controll over. Fera was able to controll the sisematite, how much to detonate and what materials it would be attracted to.

"Mrs. Zzingnut, have I disturbed you?" LX's voice startled me, but I saw that he had retrieved what I had asked for.
"No, LX, I just had a revalation is all."

Sitting down with the Plasticine Gel before me I couldn't help but smile. Things were about to change.

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