The Break Up

Dear Diary,

Been stuck onboard the Discovery for a while. Between missions and waiting for the Fen and Lyta wedding reception I have had some time to think about things.

I commed Fred and asked him to meet me at Uneeq's. I couldn't keep putting things off like this forever, and it was now or never. I finally broke it off with Fred.

I hope he inderstands its for the best really. It's unfair of me to have kept this up so long. I asked ChiChi to live up to my expectations, those of a culture mostly alien to his own, and I have not even lived up to my own rules.

Now Fred can find someone who can focus all thier love and attention on him like he deserves to have, and I can do the same for my Squibums.


I will have to find a way to thank Sara for the emotion supressors.


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