The Lord's Folly

Description: Exterior is polished metal with a red stripe down the side, the windows and viewports are all mirrored, and on the stern it has the ship’s name painted in pink. On the bow of the ship is a ½ scale holo-hood ornament of Sara skipping cheerfully in a catholic schoolgirl outfit. On the top is a turret with chromed and engraved quad ion cannons mounted in it. Recreation room and corridors are all covered in pastel pink thick plush material. There are mounting eyelets all over on the ceiling and walls, and a central post with sturdy mounting eyelets at the floor and close to the ceiling in the main recreation room. A spiral staircase goes up from the main recreation room to the observation deck. On the observation deck there is 4 person hot tub with multiple fully adjustable water and air jets with a sign above the tub that says "Birthday Suits Only in Hottub". There is also a small, but fully stocked bar with 2 taps, a small fridge, and a robobartender on the observation deck. The floor and ceiling on the observation deck are all painted black, but the windows still look out in all directions. Out the back of the Observation deck is the Patio deck that is actually outside the ship, but has a magnashield bubble to keep air there so that it can be used even in space. Two Gafladen lounger chairs are usually somewhere either in the observation deck or on the patio deck (if occupied). Forward of the Recreation room there are 4 cabins, 2 larger ones and 2 smaller ones. The larger 2 each have a king sized bed and a lot of space, the smaller 2 each have a queen sized bed and while not as much space as the other 2 – still a lot of space. One of the 2 larger cabin’s has a sign on the door that says “Caution: Enter at Your Own Risk.” There is a small, but fully functional and automated galley. There are 2 escape pods, one is accessed from the bridge and the other is in the emergency supply closet. The bridge has a decent amount of standing room, but only has 1 seat, and all controls for the ship are labeled in the Tsonga language. Furnishings are rather sparse. In the recreation room there is 1 table with 6 seats (these are the seats people would strap into for “turbulence”), 2 Gafladen lounger chairs next to each other elsewhere in the room, and a cs-mark 10 computerized holographic combat simulator towards the front of the room. An aqualish bio-light panel splashes light around the recreation room in an ever-changing array of fluid, picturesque patterns. In one corner of the recreation room is a human skeleton on a stand. Somewhere around the ship is usually a life sized plushy squib (named Jack). In the emergency supply closet is standard supplies as well as a spacer's chest full of whips, chains, gags, and blindfolds (leftovers from the previous owner).

Owner: Sara Starsider
Registered Owner: Kerry Enocc
Craft: modified SoroSuub Luxury 3000
Era: Rise of the Empire
Source: Pirates & Privateers (pages 70-71)
Type: Private Space Yacht
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 50 meters
Skill: Space Transports: Luxury 3000 Yacht
Crew: 1
Passengers: 6
Cargo Capacity: 33 metric tons
Consumables: 1 month
Base Ship Cost: 150,000 used
Current Ship Value: 600,000 est
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1/2
Hyperdrive Backup: x14
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D+2
Space: 9
Atmosphere: 400; 1,150 km/h
Hull: 4D
Shields: 3D
spacePassive: 75/4D+2
spaceScan: 87/5D+1
spaceSearch: 112/5D+2
spaceFocus: 5/6D
Sensors Include: Electro-Photo Receptors, Full Spectrum Transceivers, Dedicated Energy Receptors, and Life-Form Indicators.

spaceQuad f-9 Heavy Ion Cannons
spaceFire Arc: Turret
spaceSkill: Starship Gunnery
spaceFire Control: 4D
spaceSpace Range: 1-3 / 7 / 36
spaceAtmosphere Range: 100-300 / 700 / 3.6 km
spaceDamage: 7D ion

Countermeasures: Comm Jammer Unit (installed out of the way behind other components. Can operate for 10 combat rnds before needing to recharge/cool for 10 rnds, subtract 1 rnd of operating time for each fire arc being jammed. Jamming is an opposed comms roll and jammer gives a bonus based on the number of fire arcs being jammed: all arcs = no bonus, 3 arcs = +1D, 2 arcs = +2D, 1 arc = +3D, focused jamming = +4D). Sensor Jammer Unit (installed out of the way behind other components. Jamming is an opposed roll with the jammer adding the active sensor dice to it’s roll using the standard sensor arcs in active modes only.) “Trickster” Sensor Decoys (hidden launch tube fires drone in Right fire arc, installed in scanner resistant space [V. Difficult Perception to locate and does not show up on scanners or sensors at all], has 5 drones [500 credits for additional drones], drones move in a pre-programmed pattern up to speed 5 and add +2D to difficulty to determine which sensor reading is the ship and which is the decoy). Docking Ion Insulation (the docking collar on the airlock is insulated to protect vs Ion damage transfer if a connected ship or structure is ionized while connected).
Security Systems: Controls Labeled in Tsonga (all ship control labels have been replaced with labels in the ancient Tsonga language). Bith Vehicle Voice Lock (Normal activation by voice command of authorized people is automatic within 10 meters. Can alter command sequence’s tone to fail an activation if under duress. A failed attempt to circumvent a BiVVoL means that the vehicle’s power system is disabled until the secondary system establishes identity – and also trips the Stun System.). Motion Trips (Hidden by each entrance to the ship, coded to ignore droids and Sara’s biosignature. If tripped will activate Stun System.). Stun System (Merr-Sonn Stun Grenades are hidden all around the interior of the ship in sensor shielded compartments: +20 to difficulty to detect them. The grenades are wired into the ship’s power supply so as to automatically recharge after a discharge. There is a wireless remote trigger to activate the system besides being hooked to the BiVVoL and Motion Trips. When tripped, then entire interior of the ship except for a 1m radius around Sara’s biosignature must resist 2 to 3 [successful dodge means only 2] 6D stun effects.) Nestle is also usually posted in the Recreation Room standing guard (blasters are set to stun unless ordered otherwise). Privacy Mirrored Windows/Viewports/Transparent Walls (all exterior transparent windows/viewports/walls except for the bridge main viewports are electro tinted so that they can be turned to where they are mirrors to the outside but you can still see out from the inside, this can be turned on and off).
Droidbrain: Droid Cost for Tiering purposes 1937.5 credits. Mechanical 4D; Sensors 8D, Space Transports 6D, Communications 7D; Human range visual and auditory sensors; Interfaces directly with Flight Controls, Sensors, and Comms and can understand Basic and Binary, can output in Binary or Basic on displays but can only output Binary through the ship’s Comms/PA/Interphone.
Additional Systems: System Diagnostic Filter (starship computer translator - +1D+1 to computer prog/repair for ship board computer systems and +2 to space transports repair). Scanner Resistant Cargo (1 ton of scanner resistant space in main deck cargo hold area, and an additional 1 ton worth of many small [various sizes from just large enough for a grenade to large enough for 1 light repeating blaster] scanner resistant spaces hidden around the interior of the rest of the ship, Very Difficult Perception to find if you don’t know where they are and they do not show up on scanners at all). Backup Battery (allows ship to sit on emergency power only for up to an hour). Internal Sensors (installed centrally and out of sight in the ship so as to cover all of the interior space and is linked into the ship’s sensor system, ILF-5000 Lifeform Scanner [Range 500m/1km/1.5km, provides number of lifeforms, rate and direction of movement, body temperature, mass, respiration rates.] and NeuroSaav 9320/B Sensor Pack [Range 50/150/300m Detects life forms, presence of comm signals, movement, density, mass, volume, and energy type and intensity.]). Mobile Console (a customized datapad that uses an encrypted short range comlink connection to the ship linked into the ship’s Comms, Sensors, and Shields systems giving access as if you were in the cockpit. Works from anywhere onboard the ship.). CS-Mark 10 Computerized Holographic Combat Simulator (looks like a standard version of the game system, however, there is a menu option hidden in the custom situation setup to use current sensor data, if selected it will read over data from the ship’s sensor system and display on the board then you can select either live monitoring or simulation mode to either watch the sensor data in holographic presentation or try different simulations from where things are currently.)

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