The Discovery Of Evil Lans The Basic Background Report

Evil Lans Garner, as he has been referred to in reports by operatives since this event, was the brainchild of Youngston Townsterr the 5th. Townsterr had someone, currently still searching for identity of the actual individual, go through extensive plastic surgery to perfect every inch to look like Lans Garner. Once that was accomplished and Evil Lans was fully healed, it is speculated that he spent hours everyday to emulate every action and speech pattern of the real Lans Garner. It is possible that, Townsterr hired Lordians or similar experts to get every movement perfect. This entire process is estimated to take 2-3 years time, possibly more.

Once finished, Townsterr had the real Lans Garner kidnapped and planted information about a bounty hunter storing him at a warehouse. This warehouse, known as the fun house by some rebel operatives, was where the switch took place. The operatives recovered who they thought was Lans Garner and brought him back to the Discovery. Instead it was Evil Lans who was now set loose on the Rebellion and every secret it had. Every piece of information, from the founding to his last day among the Alliance, on missions, personnel, equipment, etc was now in the hands of Youngston Townsterr the 5th. Once the information was apparently compiled the second phase began in which Alliance missions and operatives were given tasks with the objective of failure and/or elimination of the personnel.

The end of Evil Lans came at the inquisitive nature of Taylor Castell who began to suspect something was very wrong. This resulted in the discovery of Evil Lans, that Townsterr was behind it, and the realization of what had happened. Evil Lans killed himself with suicide pill. Little was learned from him. The Alliance has suspected that the information would end up in Imperial hands. However to date, very little of the information has been given to the Empire. When it has, it has been done in a piecemeal fashion. This begs the question why did Townsterr gather this information and for what purpose? Rumors are that he is building a massive droid army but no source can confirm that nor find traces of plants where they may be being built.

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