The Discovery Of Evil Lans The Final Encounter On Discovery Report By Choth

Upon return from my previous, miss/under-informed and barely salvaged mission a fleet-wide message reached my comlink. It was a call for help from Lans Garner, claiming that evil clones of Taylor Castel, Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh, Lyta "Crash & Burn" Miris, and Jericho Hunter were attempting to capture and/or kill him.

Immediately, a team began to form in the docking bay of The Discovery to act on this latest problem. I reboarded my ship and grabbed equipment that I thought would be handy from previous experiences with the ‘real’ individuals. The adhoc team then began to attempt to track the ‘evil’ clones. The first obstacle was a program lock-out code that had the signature work of Taylor Castel. This was overcome quite quickly by one member of the team. The trail became easier to follow when a large number of door/bulkheads had the telltale signs of Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh’s U.C.T. expedited travel method. This eventually led to Lans Garner’s office door.

Being the first to the door, after finding it was locked, I knocked and yell for those on the other side to open the door. This was when things began to get generally chaotic. Lyta Miris responded sounding confused as to why/how we were outside the door. The sound of a U.C.T. being activated and cutting through alloy began coming from inside the room. The team outside the door began to argue about how they wanted to handle this. Myself and Ms. Miris continued to negotiate through the door. During this the sound of alloy giving way and furniture being shifted into defensible positions started coming from beyond the door. Ms. Miris agreed to open the door and talk face to face. Unfortunately, an over zealous Jawa threw a stun grenade into the office. This lead to a quickly escalating situation, weapons were drawn and readied for use. Ms. Miris and myself quickly blocked all fields of fire by stepping in the doorway and called for our respective teams to hold their fire.

The rest of the situation was talked out and my 2-1B, “Stitch”, came up from my ship to verify the claims of those that had holed up in the office for Mr…I mean General Payne. Once this was done General Payne and Taylor Castel began to run damage control on the obvious security breach.

Choth Tamith
Negotiating Stand-Offs for the betterment of the Alliance, I really should be paid more for this…

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