The First Therapy Session "Whats Up Doc"

This is my attempt to tell this from a story teller perspective.. Hope you enjoy.

As Velen enter the ships medical bay the familiar sights and sounds of a bustling trauma and recovery center assails his senses. Medical droids / Staff and supervisors bustle about tending to the many cuts, scraps, decapitations and wounds the rebel alliance seems to produce on the many follies they call missions.

Behind the desk sits an attractive Mon Calamari nurse. Busy working on something at the main nurses station she doesn’t look up until velen is almost standing overtop of her.

"Can i help youuuu" slips from her lips as she stops taking note. Her white uniform looks clean and pressed, and she seems to be writing with a pink pen with a puff ball on the end.

Velen smiles and answers with a small bow. "Why yes miss. I am looking for a young blue twi-lek girl with amnesia whom I was told could use some assistance. Can you tell me where I may find her?

In a slightly exasperated tone the nurse answers “Oh… Why yes she's down the hall on the left 2nd door. I think we finally convinced her she's safe for the moment. She should be coming off sedation any time now.”

Velen inquisitively asks, “Why was she placed on medical sedation?”

The nurse replies. “Oh you haven’t heard? She went almost mad last night going on about some nightmare and people getting killed by chicken walkers.”

With that the nurses hands Koy’s file to Velen. “It’s all in there. Feel free to ask me if you need any thing else.” With that the nurse smiles and goes back to her work.

Velen, having had time to read over the file while waiting for the sleeping Twi’lek to stir gained a little insight into events of the previous night. This was not going to be an easy case. Sever trauma cupped with a loss of all personal memory and an underlying slave personality to boot.

A quiet “Where am I, Who’s there.” can be heard from inside the room.

The voice was quit yet easily understood.. “Wolf man” Steve had described her pretty well when he asked velen to check in on her.

In a polite voice while entering the room, "Excuse me, M'lady, for disturbing your rest, but I was told you may need someone to talk to. I am Velen." This is followed with a customary bow. As he straightens back up he absently brushes stands of his shoulder length black hair out of his face revealing sapphire blue eyes.

With a quick glance he scans the room while continuing. "And how would M'lady prefer me to address her?"

The room is quite plain. After all it’s a simple medical recovery room onboard a starship. Every thing is for the most part clean. And there seems to be a small potted plant of some sort sitting next to her bed.

On the bed its self lay two data pads, and peeking out from under the bed looks to be what’s left over from the last meal, its half heatedly shoved under the bed.

The loan chair in this room sits empty and alone in the corner to the left of the entrance.
Koy sits up in bead with a quick startle at having company and glances around the room nervously trying to reacquaint her self with the surroundings.

Her shoulders and upper body seem to be covered with what looks to be a medical gown and some partly waded and mauled bed linens.

The rapid disturbance in the covers is too much for the two data pads sitting on the bed the first of which decides to slip into the floor making a loud clatter.

Instantly the expression on Koys face changes to that of sheer terror. As if trying to save her own life she scrambles to grab the second data pad before it too slips noisily to the floor.

Too little too late, the failure is announced with a harsh metallic Klink as the second data pad lands squarely on top of the first cracking the screen a little..

With a confused and almost terrified look on her face "I'm Sorry Mast.. …" slips from Koys lips.

With a reassuring smile Velen bends down to pick up both data pads.

"Don't worry. You are no longer anyone's slave. You don’t have to call anyone 'Master' any more unless you wish to."

Once properly introduced the session goes with out much more incident. Koy relates the various fears and thoughts she’s been having the last days. Chief among these is the nightmare she had.

All the while Velen took notes and listened. About halfway threw the allotted time a ship wide alarm begins to sound..

“ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS, PREPARE TO REPEL BORDERS!” Can be heard threw out the ship thanks to the internal com system.

Koy looks at velen with obvious disappointment in her eyes “You have to go don’t you.”

With a nod he replies “Yes but perhaps both “Wolf Man” and I will be able to visit you this evening. Until then stay safe and sleep well.

As velen rushes off towards the computer cores to report for anti boarding actions he can’t help but think about the nightmare koy had experienced. Surly no one would be stupid enough to assault 4 AT-ST walkers on foot in a cargo bay with little to no support.

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