The Floating Dustbunny

Dear Diary,

Choth has granted me access to our ship, but has warned me we need to change the BOSS registration as we stole the ship. I couldn't help but notice there seems to still be some hint of the space explosion on the outter hull of the ship, but that only brings back memmories. I do miss Talon though, seeing as he was the reason we came to possess the ship in the first place.

I set up a plaque I made myself for Talon in the cockpit of the ship as a reminder and for good luck whenever we take the ship out for a spin. I also talked to Choth about modifying the concussion missles to pack and extra punch, but we'll get to those latter.

R2 wanted nothing to do with me when I sought him out, but I told him I found a new home for him aboard The Floating Dustbunny and promised him that I would keep any grenade activity confined to my own living quarters. He made a thorough exam of the ship himself, both before and after I boarded, and seems to have calmed down a bit…though I noticed that he still does occassional sweeps. He won't go near my room though. He does seem quite happy now that he won't have to go back to rebel base and is seldom seen outside of the cockpit. Or the engine room for that matter….I think he's in love with the engine there. He calls it his 'love' which I think is a little odd for a droid, but if I can love a Squib, then why not?!

Choth insissted that I take the captian's quarters so I have begun moving in there. It seemed a bit drab and all, and to my surprise I found an old pin-up of me in there which leads me to wonder how much my old 'instructor' at the Raithial Academy 'loved' me. I mean, he was the reason I did that in the first place, but seeing as I cost him his job…

I changed the bed sheets to my own pink comforter with black sheets and pillows, and Wally The Wampa looks quite at home in the middle of the pillows. Funny he is about the same size as Squibums and I have taken to cuddling with him at night when I feel lonely, which is often. I also moved a trunk with some of my effects, mostly clothes, here. I think that so long as Choth doesn't need the ship I may be staying here. Maybe it'll help me rebuild a bond with R2 who is the only company I have aside from Sara and Squibie when they com me. Maybe I'll invite Sara over for a sleep over, now that I know how lonesome she must also feel. We can go through my holo-album together, and my collection of My Little Taun Tauns which have found a home on one of the shelves here. I think I'll give one to Sara as a kind of belated birthday pressent, though I am not sure if she is a fan of them. I already picked out the perfect one for her…it's Star Sailor Taun Taun. She's white with blue eyes, yellow hair and horns, and she has little stars on her butt. She also come with a blue plaid mini-skirt and a blue sailor top and stripped asscot. It kinda reminds me Sara…if she looked like a Taun Taun. Right now I have Sailor Taun Taun and Celebration Taun Taun next to eachother above my headboard. The other one is White with pink horns and hair, with little fire works on her butt. She came with a kinda pink cheerleader outfit and lightable sparklers. I hope she enjoys the gift.

I still need some decorating done. Right now I realized all I have on the walls are a bit odd. I have my anti AT-AT poster along with some schematics I found at rebel base, some posters of my favorite bands including one I found of Unqee. Aside from that I have our wedding holo of me and Squibie on my bedstand and the video of the exploding AT-AT on the wall as well. I'm holding off on decorating the rest of the ship for now since Choth lives here too.

I'm at odds as to wether I want to put the holo of me and my parents on the bedstand as well. It makes me homesick, but it feels akward as well, like there are strangers watching and judging me as I move about the room, so right now it is currently inside the top drawer. I never realized how much I take after my mother in appearance until tonight. I have her face in every aspect, her cheeks and piercing eyes, the straight black hair and pouting lips. It's no wonder my father married her, she is very beautiful, and at last I see his resentment in allowing her to travel on her own without him. It makes me wonder about the relations and friendships she had with others she knew. I have the ability to raise an eyebrow like my father had, though mine is pierced now. I wonder how they are doing now and wether or not they miss me. I don't think I can ever go back to them, though I find myself thinking on them more and more.

I have a bunch of clothes from home that I tried on to see if they still fit or not. Some of them don't and might fit Sara if she want's them, otherwise I might be able to find a tailor through Matthius or possibly Slick or Darrik, and have them fitted for Stinky. I tried on one outfit I remeber my mother had tailored for me on our first outting off world, which is the finest I have from home. It's a black silk halter, very flattering of my mid-drift and waist, and sleek at the bottom with one slit riding high up my right thigh. It has a gray lace slip that goes over with a high open collar fringed with soft grey stol fur, and spills low in a 'v' and is tight across the waist again, and then flares out like a cape at the bottom, again edged in the fur. The sleeves are elastic and shapely to the curvature of my arms, blossoming about a third of the way down the forearm. And it comes with black silk gloves with open fingers that barely reach my wrists, again decorated with a layer of the same fine gray lace, though studded with little pearls. I even have the necklace that accompanies the dress, a thin silver chain with a single, small pearl.
Back at home it would have served to sum up my availability to suitors, which is why my mother had it made for that first off world trip. There is a matching grey veil in a box also…that is supposed to be worn with the dress for a wedding. Custom on Kalandis, kill two birds with one dress since the materials can be costly and there aren't many with the talent to make such things anymore. I'm wearing this in the holo of my parents and me. My mother is wearing her grey and violet velvetine robes of the senate, high black furr collar, her dark hair pinned back with silver clasps, pearls around her neck and on her finger. Father is wearing his uniform, and is between us both. It's hanging up in the closet, but is wrapped in a protective cover. I think it's the most valuable thing I posess at the momment.

I can't decide if I should get rid of the Jr. Officer uniform or hold onto it. I mean, I can see it's usefulness but knowing there is a bounty tied to it…I had a lot of achievement medals awarded too which are still pinned to the uniform. Perhaps I'll keep it but it needs to be pressed. I've hung up the two dresses I have in the closet, one from Lord Zantaviler and the other from Xacon. I also have a ball gown from a weird little planet I can't recall the name of hanging in there. I keep the door closed, seeing the dresses in contrast to the one packed away in the cover makes me feel like an intruder.

And I put the sword I got from that planet above the doorway…makes me feel like a pirate a little bit.

I also found a way to convert the bathroom into a makeshift lab if I need to, but again I think I'll ask Choth about that one first. Maybe the cargo hold would be better for it should I need to ventilate the place since I am not too experienced with this new study yet.

I'll need to recarpet the floor here too, I don't like the drab barf color of the present one.

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