The Fun House Choth's Take

So as I was working on various projects when I recieved a call for yet another mission for the Alliance. Upon arriving for the briefing my team was informed that our regular benificiary Lans Garner had ran into a group of bounty hunters and was being held against his will. This information was followed by a cheer from somewhere, though that hasn't been confirmed.

As usual the team proceeded to the location that Rebel Inteligence provided. The nice thing about this mission was that we were not provided any false information. Thought that is rather easy for them to write to their credit since all they said was that he was there not who the bounty hunters were, how many there were, or any other useful/misleading information.

As the team arrived on site we were all a little worried when we noticed only one entrance and no security. Being the prudent individual that I am, though some acredit it to being parinoid, I had along my two droids. This was important because I had my little one sneak up onto the roof to scout out for possible escape routes of our targets. Upon making it to the roof the droid began sending video feed of a single door, no vehicles, and a mysterious constant sliding on a completely flat roof. It was this last report that was the first hint of the chaos to become this mission. Finding this odd I recalled the scout and the team ventured up to the front door.

Oddly enough the front door was unlocked. So being the care-free beings we were we opened it. I had my big droid step up to do a scan and as he stepped up he experienced and unusual power surge which caused him to shut down. I pulled him back and reset him. Mean while the rest of the team minus one other proceeded to step inside. This is when the chaos began.

As the team entered for our first attempt at going into the building one wall of the warehouse magnitized and pulled all metal objects. Several weapons were ripped from hands and the poor tech had her tool belt removed the painfully hard way. Being used to odd things going wrong the group attempted to continued mission with our valiant Jawa droid tech Stinky attempting to gain a higher vantage point by getting on the ladder to the catwalk above. Unfortunately the ladder was actually just a vertical treadmill, which ended up out moving the unfortunate Jawa. By this time I had gotten my big droid back online and reentered the building with the droid entering next to me so that I wasn't inbetween him and the wall that had previously magnitized. Unfortunately for me the ion pulse went off again and the opposite wall then magnitized, which was not the thing most beings like to see. After all a 2.2m tall heavy hunk of metal flying at you will not improve your day at all. Meanwhile the Jawa was still attempting the ladder. As the Jawa took the accelerated meathod to the ground the sprinkler system for the warehouse turned on. Now normally one would think that it is just a faulty system until they notice that it is not dumping fire supressant but instead glop as in the junk from the immoblization grenade that bears the same name. As we realized this the team immediately evaced out the front door. Two of the team members, the team leader and Stinky, were immobilized before being able to evac. Yet again I rebooted my big droid since I had pulled him out on my way out. Now the team was facing the problem of freeing their fellow team members without getting caught in the mess that was raining down. Since we had synthrope we proceeded to lasso and forcefully remove our team members from the room.

After pulling our members out of the sticky mess we decided as a team that being anything short of massively destructive to the property would not do since these bounty hunters were obviously not going to be reasonable. On this note the team leader took all except for myself and Stinky to get the ship. Yes, we understood that it was not good to fly low over the warehouse district. Yes, we most likely should have rethought the plan when the tractor beam set the roof on fire. Yes, it was a bad sign when dropping the flaming roof in the near by local river only cause a floating bondfire to move down stream. But we did not care after our first attempt to enter.

Because sensors were picking up that our targets were in a room that now looked from above to be empty I volunteered to be lowered with my big droid into the room. My little droid at this point had taken up an over watch possision to neutrilize fleeing targets. Stinky was guarding the front door also. As the ship began to lower the two of us the ion pulse went off again. I was very much happy that my droid did not shut down. This moment was short lived as I heard the ship above me stall as a result of the pulse and begin to drop. Due to amazing abilities of the pilot and the tech on board power was restored before I got to see what being caught under a crashing freighter was like. Not wanting to see what a second event of this type was like we jumped the rest of the distance down into the office below. Apparently I found the weak part of the floor as tumbled down and crashed through into the main part of the warehouse. The team immediately asked if I had seen anything in the office I fell through on the way down and I immediately reported 'No, and I'm fine too.' My droid then lowered a rope and hacked the computer in the office as I climbed up. Unfortunately, my droid was the victum of the ion pulse before I made it up and I had to reboot the computer and disable the traps using my limited skills. Upon a suggestion from the other team members I destroyed the computer since we had a problem with getting it to stop reseting.

After pulling everyone but my droid on overwatch we proceeded to the kitchen and the touchy-feely members of the party suddenly became a little hungry. My big droid by this point was very much unhappy with the amount of destruction of property and proceed to tear the fridge out of the floor and chuck it across the warehouse in one swirft action. This revealed a passage way going downward. The team proceeded down and ran through several odd rooms before finding 6 individuals sitting waiting in a room ahead of us. Our tech, still unhappy about the tool belt incident, shot the entire group of individuals before they even got a word out. As the team attempted to approach them we found out that there was zero-g field in the room and we had to cross. Upon succeeding to cross my droid and I kicked in what turned out to be the last door to find Lans sitting in a chair with a lady standing next to him. She immediately asked 'how we liked her funhouse'. I responded with 'do you wish to surrender?' confused she asked 'why am I in danger'. The resounding answer was 'YES'. She proptly surrendered and was stunned unconsious.

Over all we succeed and haven't heard of anything from the planet since we left. This ends this report

Choth Tamith
Unfortunate fodder from another poorly informed yet successful mission.

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