The Fun House Following Stinky

While my character, Stinky, was extremely ticked off, I as a player
was having a great time. Now I know that a lot of you may not have
had a good time, here is why I did. As the events unfolded and our
group started to think that this was a sick, twisted, sadistic
funhouse, I started to visualize what was happening. It was like a
Marx Brothers movie. Imagine a Jawa on a stairway that suddenly
turns into a tread mill, it's little legs going a mile a minute and
than slipping and sliding down it when it suddenly stops. The sight
of a droid being pulled towards a wall along with every metal object
the party is carrying. The Jawa (and one other in the party) so
covered in gooey glop that they are stuck to the floor and have to
be lassoed out of the room.

But wait, the images get even better (and my laughing gets louder).
The party decides to try a different tactic to get into the computer
room and assault the place from the outside. All but 2 of us and a
droid go get the ship to tractor beam the room off. Well, it worked
except that the tractor beam set the oil that was on the room on
fire. Then there was a discussion regarding the locale of the
warehouse that started with the comment from the pilot that went
something like "We drop the burning room into the water. Most
warehouses are next to water. Right?" After some dice rolling and
debate with the GM, he allowed that there was a river nearby but
when the roof was dropped, it did not sink but continued burning
while floating down stream.

Now that there was access to the computer room (the only way as the
catwalk dropped to the main floor when the roof was ripped off and
was now electrified), those on the ship lowered a rope, picked up
the person with the droid (the really powerful droid that the
writers of this insanity aimed the really powerful attacks towards)
to drop him and the droid into the computer room. Great plan except
for the fact that the EM pulse and Ionization were still working and
now the ship lost power. After burning force points to get the
engines fixed/started (our GM was nice enough to not feel like
killing someone) they drop him into the room. Except he doesn't land
in the room but crashes through the floor of the computer room. We
ask if he sees anything while going past the computer, we are
getting that silly. During all of this, the Jawa is watching from
outside of the building.

About this point, I start saying that there must be a lower level
and look around the outside of the building. In the meantime, as
much info as we can get is gotten off of the computer and then when
it is realised that the computer can't be shut off in a normal
manner, it gets destroyed. Now that we can walk over the catwalk,
we all head for the kitchen and force sensitives realise they feel
hungry and open the frig. Well the droid rips the door off of the
frid and we see the clean walkway down. Some in the party do not
trust that the stairs may turn into a ramp (still thinking sick
funhouse), so ropes are used just in case. The mucky Jawa choses to
rub it's sticky body on the clean walls as an act of defiance
towards whomever has built this place.

We get through all the other rooms but before we enter the room with
the 6 bounty hunters, the party member with the street sweeper
sprays havoc onto them (but not without a "discussion" with the GM
about how long this room could be). Then we walk into find there is
no gravity but most made their strength rolls; all but the Jawa
(again, picture this in your head). Once I made it down, I went
straight to scavange the bodies of the bounty hunters as Stinky felt
that someone owed him something as he was going to have to be
cleaned and he lost his Ion gun under the catwalk. In the meantime,
the others in the party stunned the funhouse creator immediately
after the comment of "Like my funhouse." Stinky traded some of the
grenades that were found on the bounty hunters to get a replacement
Ion gun from one of the party members.

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