The Fun House Golan Wajj S Additions

"On this note the team leader took all except for myself and Stinky to
get the ship. Yes, we understood that it was not good to fly low over
the warehouse district. Yes, we most likely should have rethought the
plan when the tractor beam set the roof on fire. Yes, it was a bad
sign when dropping the flaming roof in the near by local river only
cause a floating bondfire to move down stream. But we did not care
after our first attempt to enter."

In response to this paragraph from Choth's account, I have one thing
to say: If you need someone to bring starfighter scale weapons to a
character scale conflict, just call the crew of Another Choice! We
can be reached at Rebel HQ, or on comm channel 24723.

-Golan Wajj, impatient pilot of Another Choice

P.S. I should also note that the mistress of the fun house was
stunned_before_she had a chance to surrender, not after! I was having
no more of her antics, thank you.

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