The Fun House The Judge S Story

Fire and Ice Seminar Adventure: The Funhouse

While on the way to a conference, Lans Garner was captured by bounty
hunters. Rebel intellgence was able to determine that the bounty
hunters had not yet been able to turn Garner over to the Empire. With
the given intellegence, the players went to save the Crucible Sector
Rebellion Leader. Our heroes descended upon a warehouse where they
encountered numerous traps, tricks, and annoyances until eventually
finding Lans Garner and bringing him back to the rebel alliance.

*For the record, this event was originally meant to be run
interactively. This meant all groups descending on the same location
at once. Due to the large turnout and logistics, there was simply no
good way to do this.

*Instead, the same event was run for all four tables of players. All
four tables went through the same setup but may not have all seen or
did the same things. The result is that depending on who you talk to
about this event, you may get different reactions, responses, and

*I ask and encourage all those who took part to feel free and give an
account of what took place at the Fire and Ice Seminar. My summation
was a sterile and only detailing the plot. This was so that others
may fill in the details from their tables.

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