The Jedi Code

There is no emotion, there is only peace

To completely suppress one's emotions and detach from those around you weakens you. This leaves you vulnerable to the moments in which you cannot control your emotions. It has been brought to my attention that I have such a stranglehold over my own emotions, that I have blinded myself. My fear of falling to the dark side is so strong, that I have suppressed my emotions and detached myself from those around me in an effort to hold back and therefore find peace. One must find balance. Emotions must be understood and explored, not overcome and denied. Through exploration of your emotions you can learn to confront them. If you can confront your fears and emotions, you can find peace. You'll know when it is time to allow your intuition and or emotions to guide you, and when to hold them back and be at peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge

A Jedi must be flexible and open. The Jedi code is more a guideline and less a literal restricted code of conduct. I understand that I will make mistakes. With each mistake I learn and accept the fact that others may bear the scars of my mistakes. We Jedi are being hunted down. My pride is to be understood, not suppressed and pushed aside. The days of the old Jedi Order are gone. We must look at the Jedi code with the new lens. The old interpretations no longer work, but we must learn them first so as to not fall back on the old ways. However as long as the meaning still guides you, there is still hope. The Jedi code is the magnet that pulls my compass. I am still free to walk in any directions so long as I know where the right path is in comparison, and I can stop.

There is no passion, there is serenity

We cannot dwell on the consequences of our actions at the expense of the moment. We cannot second-guess ourselves. We must be prepared to listen to our emotions and our instincts while also assessing the situation at hand. We then can make a decision with the full confidence in knowing that we chose the most prudent course of action. Stand up for your actions. Even if you are overwhelmed with opposition, remind yourself that your decision was based on your intuition and the circumstances. I myself am very bad at standing up for my opinions at the right time. I know this. We cannot blindly rush forward, but at the same time we cannot pause in contemplation while others experienced torment. We cannot close off our emotions and rely solely on our assessment of the situation. Nor can we solely rely upon our emotions. A balance must be reached. That balance various from one person to another. The weapons we wield are truly “weapons of terror” in the eyes of many. We must be prepared for the instance in which our inaction was the best course of action.

There is no chaos, there is harmony

The galaxy is a horrible nasty icky place. You will experience fear, disconnection, hostility, agreed, anger, and the dark side. Simply ignoring these, blinds you and makes you ill prepared. After all, how could one possibly forsake love and compassion if he does not understand it? Every event has a purpose regardless of how tragic and horrific it may be. We need to learn to cope and move on from not only the joys in life, but also the horrors and pain.

There is no death, there is the Force

Death will come, now more than ever given the state of the galaxy. The feelings of loss that we experience are to be refilled by the memories of those who have passed. Remember the bonds of fellowship. We must embrace death is a natural cycle of life. Cultures all throughout the galaxy embrace death in a positive way. Regardless of how negative the cause of the death may be. Express your loss and feelings of emptiness. Let those who are close to you fill your void. You are never alone.

A Jedi is only a Jedi because someone has taught them how to be a Jedi.

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