To Jynxie from Mathias

Dear Jynxie:

I would like to take this opportunity to that you for the kindness and concern you showed me with your visit the other day.

Without a wonderful friend like you to spend time with me and help bring perspective to the situation the time I spent studying would have been interminable. I especially appreciated the excellent meals that you cooked for us to enjoy. Spending time with you over the past few days lifted a weight off of my shoulders. I am still not entirely confident in the upcoming mission; however, you have helped me to relax quite a bit and I am now ready to move forward with the work I have ahead of me.

I would also like to extend my apologies for being so distracted during your visit. I promise to invite you over once this whole Corbin situation is resolved and at that time you will find me to be a more cordial host. We could even take that opportunity to discuss some grenade modifications that I am interested in having investigated. Of course you are always welcome to stop by and visit (after all I have heard rumors of what happened to another ship when the owner refused to let you drop in).


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